Health Supplier Segment: Global Surgical Distribution

Stuart Colquhoun

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest: Stuart Colquhoun
Guest Bio: After spending 15 years in multiple roles with institutional fund managers and investment banks Stuart moved into the medical industry in 2011 as a distributor of neurosurgery equipment, and is still currently Managing Director of Global Surgical Distribution.
Coming from a heavily regulated financial services background Stuart could see many opportunities within healthcare to make a ‘real difference’, and believes many of the IQ Health team’s ideas, services, product offerings and innovations will make a significant and positive difference to the outcomes of patients, doctors, nurses and hospitals.

Segment Overview: Stuart talks about the products and services they offer at Global Surgical Distribution, a valued company that provides high quality medical and surgical products to enable our customer to get the best clinical and economic results for their patients. They offer a distribution platform within Australia, New Zealand and Asia to international and domestic medical and surgical product suppliers.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne: You’re listening to Wayne Bucklar on Health Professional Radio. And this morning, we’re talking with the managing director of Global Surgical Distribution, Stuart Colquhoun. Good morning.

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