Providing Long-term Therapy and Potential Cures without Doing Harm to Patients [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Iraj_Ghadiminejad_GNP_Australia_Pty_LtdGuest: Dr. Iraj Ghadiminejad
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Iraj Ghadiminejad is the managing director of GNP Australia Pty Ltd. He was educated in England with a PhD in Autoimmunity from Kings College London. Prior to immigrating to Australia he worked at St Mary’s Hospital, London UK. In Australia he was the head of Renal Research at the Children’s hospital Sydney. He left the hospital in order to set up a biotech company for the development of therapeutic products for the treatment of immune related conditions.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we are joined by managing director Dr. Iraj Ghadiminejad of GNP Australia Pty Ltd to discuss their products called ENDOR which are based on a discovery of an active compound from children with an over active immune response. They are an Australian pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing products for the treatment of chronic conditions. Their mission is to develop products that are effective in treating patients without harmful side effects. ENDOR cream has been formulated so that it is easily absorbed through the skin barrier and delivers the base ingredients to the active compound. The person’s own body will then convert these base ingredients into the active compound, which in turn calms the overactive immune response.

Health Professional Radio – Potential Cures without Doing Harm to Patients

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guess today joins me from Sydney in Australia, he is Dr. Iraj Ghadiminejad. Welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Dr. Iraj Ghadiminejad: Thank you and it’s a pleasure to be here.

W: Now I understand you’re the Managing Director of GNP Australia but tell me who is GNP Australia?

G: GNP Australia is an Australian Pharmaceutical Company. We are dedicated to developing products for the treatment of chronic conditions. Our mission is to develop products that are effective in treating patients without the harmful side effects that often is observed with quite a lot of pharmaceutical drugs. But the ethos of our company is to provide long term therapy and potential cure without doing harm to our patients as doctors should do.

W: Now what kind of products do you have?

G: At present we have two products, one is called ENDOR cream and another called ENDOR 3.5 which as the name suggests is 3.5 times stronger than ENDOR. These are based on a discovery of an active compound from children with an over active immune response. This compound is produced by the human immune system that has the ability to calm the over active immune response. So in particular the importance is on autoimmune conditions where we have developed our products for the treatment of Psoriasis, Eczema and Rosacea. As you’re fully aware, autoimmunity is when the patient’s own immune system is over-reacting and attacks the patient’s body. In the cases of Psoriasis, Eczema and Rosacea, this is manifested in the skin and is observed as lesions and rashes associated with individual cases.

W: Now there are many products that are in use for those particular autoimmune diseases, how do your products differ from the products on the market currently?

G: So we have developed topical creams that contain a base ingredients to the active compound. ENDOR cream and ENDOR 3.5 have been formulated so that they are easily absorbed through the skin barrier and deliver the base ingredients to the immune system. Our products doesn’t have any active compound per se but the person’s own body, their immune system will then convert these base ingredients into the active compound, which in turn calms the over active immune response. So the major difference between our products and other products such as steroidal based creams and ointments is that ENDOR both of them in effect teaches your immune system, the patient’s immune system to learn to make the active compound. This calms over active immune response, so depending on your immune system and developmental stage and how quickly you can adapt over time is reinforced on the immune system, it will force its own ingredients and manage the condition. Therefore, ENDOR cream and ENDOR 3.5 are safe alternatives to steroidal creams and ointments with that the added benefit that ENDOR can be used as often and as much as necessary without the fear of side effects or in some instances the steroidal dependency that some patients develop. We found that people who use ENDOR products have fewer relapses and when they have relapses they tend to be less severe and if subsequently treated with ENDOR, it will clear more quickly.

W: That’s a very interesting description of ENDOR. What other products do you have in your pipeline?

G: As I mentioned earlier our products are anti-inflammatory in nature. So the diseases and conditions that we are targeting are going to be immunologically or autoimmune in nature. As you know the autoimmune diseases come in many forms, to mention is a few Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, etc., etc. I mentioned earlier our products are based on a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compound made by human immune system which I discovered in 1991 in children with over-active immune response. Our aim is to develop other products that will treat other immune related conditions. So currently on the next product that we are on is a gel for treatment of, again it is topical, Rheumatoid arthritis and a lotion for treatment of scalp Psoriasis.

W: That’s a very interesting pipeline that you’re working on there because they are kind of ongoing significant issues for patients who suffer with them. Now, Iraj what geographic footprint do you service and can you give a sense of the size of your firm?

G: So we are an Australian company, we are small and in order to keep cost down for our patients and customers, we’ve decided to sell directly to the consumer. So we’re available to anyone who can use a computer and order online and because our products are classified as over the counter, our products do not have any side effects whatsoever and therefore we are able to sell globally and to anyone who cares to purchase it. Size of our company, we are a relatively small company but we have access to a number of contract manufacturing organizations that we utilize for manufacturing our products so what we do at GNP Australia is design, formulate and come up with the product and at the end of the day the manufacturing companies will produce our products to the specification we give them.

W: And my favorite question in every interview is about misconceptions because in every endeavor there are always misconceptions. What’s the biggest misconception about your products and services that drives you nuts and keeps you awake at night?

G: Yeah. So unfortunately by the time many of our customers reach us, they’ve tried a number of products mostly without any real success. So they are often frustrated having spent a lot of money and have not really any real success and in many instances some have come away…with a steroidal dependency and side effects and after effects of what you can have using long term steroids. So when they get to us, all they want is a cure, although our products are effective treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, etc. they’re not cures or at least not at this stage. We are working very hard in treating the whole patient rather than a lesion on the skin in order to treat the immune system as a whole and hopefully come up with a cure but right now what we have is a safe alternative to steroidal and cortisone based ointments and creams.

W: Well let’s hope today that we spread the word a little bit about ENDOR amongst our audience because it is one of those areas where alternatives are needed. Now, Iraj how do people get in touch with you? I have your website here as www.gnpproducts all one word,, is that the best way for people to get hold?

G: That’s one, or alternatively the other one is direct you to the same website is just a Google ENDOR that’s ENDOR cream and google it pops out, our website etc. and click on it and you get to our website and you can basically see our testimonial, our work that we’ve done, the history, the ingredients we don’t hide anything about our products and also how to purchase our products and how quickly we can get it to you.

W: Dr. Iraj Ghadiminejad thank you for joining us today, it’s been a pleasure having you on Health Professional Radio. I do appreciate you’re giving up your time for us.

G: Thank you again for having me on your show.

W: Now if you’ve missed my conversation with Iraj, he is the Managing Director of GNP Australia Propriety Limited and if you’d like to hear what he had to say, there’s an archive audio file on both YouTube and SoundCloud or you can also read a transcript of this conversation on our website. Now all of those resources are available in the Health Professional Radio website at My name is Wayne Bucklar, it’s my pleasure to be speaking to you today and thank you for spending your time with us.

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