GoHealth Online: Identifying the Cause rather than Focusing only on the Symptom


Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest: Colin Phillips
Guest Bio: Colin is the owner/director of GoHealth Online. Prior to his arrival in Australia, he has had vast experience in Physiotherapy clinics in Ireland, UK, Zambia and New Zealand. Colin has experience in public, private and voluntary physiotherapy settings. His main area of expertise and experience is musculoskeletal physiotherapy having a particular interest in the diagnosis, management and prevention of acute sports injuries.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Colin shares with us the services they offer at GoHealth Online. You can come visit either of their clinics in Penshurst or Maroubra in Sydney. Among the services they provide include physiotherapy, massage, pilates, rehabilitation and nutrition needs. They can design a unique rehabilitation exercise program for your specific needs.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Wayne Bucklar on Health Professional Radio. Today joining me is the Managing Director of gohealthonline.com.au Colin Phillips. Colin welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Colin Phillips: Thanks very much Wayne. It’s great to be here.

W: Now Colin to start with, tell us what GoHealth Online does and what geographical footprint you service?

C: So Wayne GoHealth Online, we are primarily a Physio practice in Sydney and we offer Physio, Massage, Dietitian and Pilates. We cover areas in the St George area and we cover Eastern Suburbs. We have clinics in Penshurst in the St. George area and we have one in the Eastern Suburbs in Maroubra and the Eastern Suburbs one in Maroubra is more like a satellite site.

W: I see. So it’s all Sydney based?

C: Yes. All Sydney based.

W: Now Colin tell us what are the products and services that you offer. I know you say you’re a Physiotherapy practice but expand on that for us and what are your specialties?

C: So our specialties are primarily musculoskeletal conditions. And we offer services. a Physio for 30 minutes and assessment, and 30 minutes follow up appointments. And then we can offer our long massage on 90 minutes massages and then we offer our dietitian’s appointment and stuff like that and following that then we do group exercise classes with Pilates patients and they’re supervised by a Physio. And they last for approximately 50 minutes and everyone in that class has an individual plan.

W: Now pilates would be unusual wouldn’t it? On a physiotherapy practice, is that common?

C: It’s becoming a lot more common based in Sydney because the patient moves the way from the hands on type Physio and it becomes primarily more exercise based. We find pilates and supervised exercise programs a great way for the patient to progress thru the rehab stage.

W: That’s interesting. I haven’t heard of that before as part of a form of Physio practice.

C: Yeah. It’s more like a holistic approach that we give. So as I said, we move away from the hands on physio. The patient has direct say as what to do and then we progress and then we progress into a more supervises exercise program.

W: And you Physios are specialist trained in Pilates?

C: Yes. So we have Physios who are specialist trained in Pilates and then we also provide more of a functional to exercise program as well so they don’t specifically have to do Pilates when they go to these classes. We may develop a program for say a boxer or a rower – specific to their needs and make it more sports specific to their functional goals in order to return to whatever activity they need to do.

W: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar and my guest is Colin Phillips from gohealthonline.com.au. Colin what is it that you’d like other clinicians to know about your practice?

C: Well our practice, we have three full time Physios and one part time Physio who is also completing his master’s degree in physiotherapy and then we have a dietitian who works 10 hours a week and she’s a fully accredited practicing dietitian which means that she can get enhanced primary care time referrals in GP’s and she also have university trained qualifications. We also have massage therapists on board, we have 2 job share and yeah they can progress our patients once they meet their exercise program and they just need a general release every month, so that sort of stuff. And we covered the two sites as I said, under the second site in Maroubra is a satellite site and that’s based in the fitness first gym. So we work really closely with personal trainers at that gym as well.

W: It does sound like you’re taking a very holistic approach here.

C: Yes well I think nowadays we’ve moved away from just being purely a Physio or purely say an occupational therapist to looking at what the patient needs as a whole. So if a patient comes in with chronic lower back pain and then maybe over a week, physiotherapy isn’t gonna help that. They need to have a consult with our dietitian where she can help them instilling change to good habits to help to reduce the weight that’s gonna help with the lower back pain. So Physio, we need to think more outside the box of Physio rather thinking Physio as…and fix everything because it doesn’t.

W: That’s good to hear. Colin if there’s a misconception about what you do that drives you nuts and keeps you awake at night, what would that be?

C: I would say probably that Physio is a massage therapist. You know people think of Physio is just a massage or that another misconception is if you come to physiologist just trying to be a quick fix and people like passive treatment rather than getting actively involved in the rehab. And sometimes another misconception as far as that is if you leave something it’s just going to get better by itself so we get clients who come to see us maybe 2, 3 months down the line after an injury whereas if they come in 2-3 days after an injury we find that area of intervention produces much better result down the line and we can involve that holistic approach in getting them back to their sport or their job.

W: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. I’ve been in conversation with Colin Phillips from GoHealth Online, a physiotherapy practice in Sydney now for more information people are best of going to your website I guess. Colin, it’s www.gohealthonline.com.au

C: That’s correct and we also have a blog on that website and we have some videos on how to teach people, how to do certain stretches, use a foam roller, use a spikey ball for massage relief that sort of stuff. So it really helps for people who are going to that website to be able to educate themselves on how to treat themselves as well once they’ve had that initial consult with the Physio and you can also book an appointment online as well.

W: So lots of good information for you there on gohealthonline.com.au. My name is Wayne Bucklar, there will be a transcript of this interview on the Health Professional Radio website very shortly at www.hpr.fm and also a SoundCloud archive. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Buckar.

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