Get Effective Marketing Strategies for your Business and Reach your Commercial Goals [Interview][Transcript]


Guest: Jeremy Nathan
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Jeremy Nathan is the MD and Publisher of IndustraCom, operators of the MedicalSearch Marketplace. With over 16 years experience in the Australian online publishing industry, Jeremy takes the companies’ commitment to providing valuable medical information to its audience of healthcare professionals very seriously.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, know more about marketing strategies and digital solutions from our guest Jeremy Nathan of Industracom. They run three business-to-business websites namely, and where they help suppliers reach their commercial goals.


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Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today my guest is Jeremy Nathan managing director and publisher of IndustraCom. Jeremy welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Jeremy Nathan: Thanks very much Wayne. It’s great to be with you.

W: Now Jeremy, IndustraCom is not a name that sort of instantly tells you what the company does. Share with us what the company does.

J: No that’s fair enough, since I guess IndustraCom as a company name combines two major focuses and vision as a company which IndustraCom which basically means that we address various industries and I know obviously other people think ‘industry’ they think knots and bolts and that is one part of our business. But we also see the medical factor as an industry in a way so that’s where the IndustraCom, “Industra” part comes from. And “Com” basically the whole communication aspect so we’re actually combining Industry with communication, that’s our focus as a business. So yeah and we basically run three leading what we call online market places. “Medical search” is one of them and other one is called “hospitality hub” which is for the hospitality industry and another one called the “industry search” for the industrial sector.

W: Now Jeremy is your geographic footprint therefore Australia wide or worldwide or how do you describe what is your geographic footprint?

J: Yeah, we’re an Australian focused company. Obviously being a website we get audience participation from other parts of the world but our focus is Australia. We market the site activity in Australia and our subscribers are predominantly from Australia. So we put ourselves forwards as an Australian business and not with a global focus.

W: And your head quartered in Sydney?

J: Yeah that’s right, Surry Hills of Sydney.

W: Right. So 95% of our audience are clinicians of one kind or another. We get a lot of listeners from the acute care sector and hospitals and also a lot from the aged care sector and there doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. What would you like them to take away today from having heard you chatting on the radio? What’s your key message to clinicians?

J: Look I guess we’d like to encourage people to use our website as a resource to help them find the best medical products and solutions for their medical practices, for their hospitals, for their aged care facilities etc. You know the internet is a very wide place and there’s a lot of information out there and it’s very important for people that are running medical operations to find the equipment that’s reliable and products etc. We address that and we support that to the way our site works, we have newsletters that go out which keep our uses and informed about the latest products in our society. So things like case studies and articles that are suppliers are putting up there that we also send them editorials as well. And also articles and content that we actually put up there as well. We assign our writers and editors to write articles and content around certain important topics for healthcare professionals. So yeah, I guess encouraging them to join our audience and we have a large newsletter data base. We have about 25,000 subscribers that get our medical newsletter a couple times a week. So obviously by all means to jump on and subscribe to that, so they can keep up to date with various different medical tips, ideas, products, etc.

W: Now we should make mention of the website because at the end of the interview we’ll all talk about the IndustraCom website, but this particular one is the medical search one and that’s

J: That’s right Wayne, yup.

W: So when we’re talking about the website and what you can find, that’s the address to go if you’re wondering it’s a Now Jeremy, give us some sense of the range of products and services that are on the website.

J: Sure. Look, at the moment Medical Search has around about a 150,000 active suppliers. These suppliers maintain what we call a store front, that’s kind of like a virtual shop on our site. Those 150,000 companies they can log in and maintain an online catalog of their products but also they can upload content and articles about their products as well. So it’s quite diverse as far as the areas that we’re focused on. We’re currently focused very heavily on aged care, but also on general practice type equipment and products. The dental industry is another area we focus on as well and yeah, obviously a lot of that also flows over unto things like hospitals and all kinds of medical facilities that have general needs for all kinds of things whether it’s hospital beds, whether it’s surgical equipment, patient handling, mobility, all that sort of thing.

W: And Jeremy in every industry there are misconceptions and it’s my favorite question. What’s the greatest misconception amongst your customers and clients that drive you nuts and keep you awake at night?

W: Uh huh, that’s a good question. Look the internet obviously has created lots of misconceptions. But I think one of the things that we’d like to talk about our store front known as the medical suppliers there on our site, is that their marketing and connecting with their audience doesn’t just stop at their own website and Google as well. It’s a big misconception that the only way to be in front of your audience is through Google and obviously using your own website for that as well. But the way things have evolved is that obviously those are very powerful mediums. But the buyer journey for complex things like medical equipment and devices is quite an extensive journey. And buyers are typically looking for a lot of information and also to build a lot of trust around the suppliers that they are engaging with. So that’s how we sort of developed our site around that whole credibility and information gathering process. Also other things Google and add-on stores are very powerful tools, what they typically use for is not necessarily their research phase. People are more almost at their large phase of buying when their jumping on Google because they kind of know what they’re looking for. So I think it’s important for medical suppliers to acknowledge that you want to get in front of the people that don’t necessarily know exactly what they’re looking for because that’s a very big part of the market – the people who are in the discovery process who are trying to find the best solutions or they’re trying to find new ideas and new ways of doing things. So that’s really where we come in as a site to support that side of things.

W: Well with a little bit of luck today Jeremy, we can help dispel that misconception at least a little bit amongst some of our audience. Now how do people get in touch with you?

J: Look, obviously through our website is best way of contacting us. So I guess jumping on the website is always a good start.

W: Okay, and that’s a website?

J: That’s right, yeah. Obviously if they’re medical professionals, they’re looking for medical information that’s the place to start.

W: Alright, well for those of you who missed that website, it will be on our transcript and it’s Jeremy thanks very much for joining us this morning. I do appreciate your time.

J: Thanks very much Wayne, it’s great.

W: If you just missed my conversation with Jeremy Nathan managing director and publisher of IndustraCom and our discussion about, the good news is we have a full transcript on our website at You can also find an audio archive of our conversation both on YouTube and on SoundCloud. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you’re listening to Health Professional Radio.

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