Achieving “Whole Fitness” with Laura Gail Diamond [Interview][Transcript]

Laura_Gail_Diamond_ACE_Certified_Fitness_TrainerGuest: Laura Gail Diamond
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Laura Gail Diamond is an Ace Certified Personal Trainer and has been actively working in the Health and Fitness Field for over 7 years. A recipient of three IDEA Inspiration Medals. Recently featured on National Talk Show as a health and fitness expert. Also interviewed by Radio Talk Show Personality Host Mark Alyn from Late Night Health, Which airs on KABC. Additionally, interviewed by Author, Elizabeth Noble for her book, “Having Twins and More.”

Segment overview: In this Health Supplier segment, Laura Gail Diamond, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and recipient of three IDEA Inspiration Medals, talks about her vision of “whole fitness”, Hoopnotica, and the successes she has had with her work.

Health Professional Radio – Achieving “Whole Fitness”

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard for this Health Supplier Segment. In studio with us is Laura Gail Diamond. She’s an ACE Certified personal trainer and recipient of not one, not two, but three IDEA Inspiration medals and she’s with us today to talk about her vision of ‘Whole Fitness’, ‘Hoopnotica’ and successes that she seen in her work. Welcome to Health Professional Radio, Laura.

Laura Gail Diamond: Thank you Neal. Glad to be here.

N: Thank you. You’re an ACE Certified personal trainer. What exactly does an ACE Certified personal trainer mean?

L: ACE stands for the American Council on Exercise and basically you go through a vigorous examination and you are able to then partake clientele to help them gain fitness and go to the fitness goals and help them whatever their fitness goals are.

N: On a scale of 1-10, 10 being, ‘Hey you’re that personal trainer, you’re the go to.’ and 1 being will somebody that just teach somebody have to do some sit-ups, where would you fall as far as an ACE Certified trainer?

L: A personal trainer is a very personal kind of in closed thing to do. I work with people mostly women and few men, but mostly over the age of 40, I guess kind of the menopausal and has worked with women all the way up in the 90s. There are some, like the younger generation, like they’re 20 some, men that want to be buffed, they may go someone else. So it’s a very personal thing. I’m in my 40s, so I wouldn’t expect somebody that an 18 year old college person male might not come to me. But I wouldn’t expect that somebody, 65 year old female go to a 25 year old male personal trainer (crosstalk). So it’s very different.

N: So, if I’m understanding correctly, you are certified in that no matter what’s someone’s goals or aspirations as far as fitness are concerned, you can adapt to their particular needs and also direct them to someone who they can go to if you’re not that perfect fit.

L: Right, exactly.

N: Okay.

L: Exactly and then also some people might feel comfortable with the women and some people might feel comfortable with the male. If someone is seeing a psychologist (crosstalk) is that make sense? (crosstalk).

N: Okay. And you’re obviously extremely successful because you’ve received 3 IDEA Inspiration medals, talk a little bit about those awards.

L: What they look for is for people to inspire other people. They chose me, they give me these medals because they saw something in me that inspired them. It was such an honor, I have to tell you, it’s such an honor that I got these, especially Amy Dixon was another very, very successful fitness trainer worldwide and she gave me one inspiration medal and that was an incredible honor that she gave me. She just saw something in me that motivated other clients and herself and it’s all about inspiring other people, to motivate them, to out to go to gym or do something to live a healthier lifestyle and to take from whatever their starting point is, to take either a little baby step further to live a healthy lifestyle or a big giant leap, whatever motivates them. You’ll have to find it.
N: And when you’re talking about motivating someone from wherever their starting point is. Okay let’s say, my starting point is from a viewpoint that I don’t like exercise. I don’t want to deal with the sweat. I don’t want to deal with the shower afterwards or I don’t want to do it. How can I be inspired? Someone like me that just, maybe all I do is walk out, get in the car, and then walk into the office. That’s about the extent of my exercise for the day. Inspire me.

L: Okay, you know what, there’s an actually a type of physical activity for everybody. You’d be surprised. When I go to the world fitness convention every single year, they have so many different [techniques]. I mean, there’s one, for example with new like drumming. There’s one with an incorporate drumsticks, and drumming, and rhythm, and the exercising. Who would have known? And that’s my whole thing with hula hoops. I was looking cause I noticed with my current clientele that they were kind of getting bored with the squats, and then lunges, and then weights, and the push-ups and lot at times I just used the body weight and the bends and they wanted something fun. They are like you, they wanted something different. And I was looking around for something different. I found the hula hoop (crosstalk) and right and Hoopnotica came around and they got their certification I supposed through ACE. I don’t think they are no longer with ACE anymore but they can started the Hoopnotica fit program. Since then I bought my own program, my own hoop fit. Well I can brought my own little fitness program with the hula hoop, but it’s almost bringing back your own childhood.

N: And it’s fun, it’s fun and it’s exercise, it’s exercise (crosstalk). How many calories can you burn using hula hoop for your system with a hula hoop per day. Just having fun.

L: Anywhere between 400 and 600 calories in an hour.

N: Wow. So you can burn off lunch, right after lunch, right?

L: Yes, absolutely. Just by having fun. Obviously that’s a lot just to have it around your waist for an hour. Not a lot of people are going to do it, but even if you just do it for 8 minutes, that’s 8 calories a minute.

N: And you can do that while you’re watching T.V. and you don’t have to (crosstalk) special clothing on, right? You wouldn’t want a ball gown or anything like that but still you can. I grew up knowing about hula hoops but never considered them as something as a fun exercise. Just playing around to me, (crosstalk) Hoopnotica, this is not yours but you’ve kind of put your own personal twist on someone else’s exercise regimen.

L: Right, they’re the ones that started training me and got me into it and then I took it, made it my own because I don’t know where they are now, per se. So, I went off they made me an ambassador. I’m still loyal to them. I think they’re wonderful and fabulous. I think now the owner actually sold it but I’m not too clear, don’t quote me on it. I don’t know. I don’t know but they’re wonderful. I’m so loyal. I love the person that found Hoopnotica, I love it. But I did put my own twist to it. Now I use the hula hoop, I use the bend, I use my own bodyweight, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

N: Now, how much are you involved in advising healthcare professionals on some of these techniques, when they’re dealing with some of their patients and they realized that, ‘Hey, this patient could use some exercise, but as their personal physician for so many years I understand that they don’t like exercise.’ How often are you approach or how often do you approach other healthcare professionals?

L: I think it’s reverse. You can see on the ACE Certified website, what ACE is doing now is they’re going to do legislation and they’re turning the table with their point into the insurance companies actually and say, ‘Hey, look at what we can do for your client. We’re preventive care.’

N: It’s all about preventive.

L: It’s all about preventive and in fact, I’m on some insurance panels now, where they can come to me and I can actually bill the insurance company. They’re many, they don’t pay a lot, but they can come to me, a client can come to me, and I can bill the insurance company and then the insurance are now starting to pay for personal training. And it’s just now starting to do it and it’s just really brand new (crosstalk) and it’s hard to do.

N: And it’s also another reflection of the benefits of being fit because a lot of companies offer discounts on insurance premiums simply for demonstrating that you walk during lunch for a certain amount of time. Now that the insurance companies are starting to pay for personal trainers, I think that a lot of the benefits are just gonna snowball.

L: Absolutely. You almost got me there.

N: Right. You’ve got a web presence as well, talk about your website.

L: I’m working on it.

N: Okay.

L: Yeah, I’m working on it. Its and my videos are up there, in case they want it. I take people to a whole fitness routine with a hula hoop and I put together at the beginning. So if you can’t keep that hoop up on your waist, if you can’t do the hula hoop, that’s okay because you could just follow the beginning part or the intermediate if you can, or the advance. So these different areas, so it’s one video, beginning, intermediate, then advanced. And it’s fun and you can stop and start it.

N: And that’s really important, to be able to stop and start.

L: Right. Because nowadays, with all the new media out there, people don’t have that attention span like they used to.

N: It takes a little focus especially if you’re embarking on something that you normally don’t like anyway, but the fun is gonna far outweigh the apprehension, I’m sure.

L: Right. Exactly, yes.

N: If we want us to learn more about ACE and how to become involved in that org and get more information about those certifications, is there a website as well?

L: I think it’s or []

N: Okay. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking with you today and I’m hoping that we can come back and talk some more in the future.

L: That would be wonderful. Thank you and bring some snow over. I would love it.
N: Alright. You’ve been (crosstalk)

L: And again, you can shovel some snow, even anything you do (crosstalk). Oh my God, that burns so much calories and burn muscle tones (crosstalk) and you don’t have to exercise to be active. Even shoveling the snow, that’s kind of active.

N: Some great information. Thank you so much, Laura.

L: Thank you.

N: You’ve been listening in the Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard, in studio with Laura Gail Diamond, an ACE Certified personal trainer, who’s received not one, not two, but three IDEA Inspiration medals for her work in personal training. Transcripts and audio of this program are available at and also at, and you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.

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