Leveraging Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Industry [Interview] [Transcript]

Paul_Bradley_ Leveraging_Predictive_Analytics_Healthcare_IndustryGuest: Paul Bradley
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Paul Bradley Ph.D., ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, oversees the research and development of new processes and technologies, and keeps ZirMed at the forefront of advances in predictive analytics and data mining. Paul was a co-founder and the chief data scientist of MethodCare before its acquisition by ZirMed. In prior roles, he consulted on data mining algorithm integration with Microsoft Research and SQL Server, and led data analysis solution implementations for a number of Microsoft divisions.

Segment overview: Paul Bradley, PhD, Chief Data Scientist at ZirMed discusses the importance of leveraging predictive analytics to navigate today’s ever-shifting healthcare landscape.

Transcript – TBU

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