Australia’s Leading Beauty and Health Store for Women Offers their Sister Club Loyalty Program [Interview][Transcript]

Kathy_Sheeran_priceline_shopping_guruGuest: Kathy Sheeran
Presenter: Henry Acosta
Guest Bio: Kathy quickly became the ‘shopping guru’ for Australia with a savvy background in finance, knack for getting a bargain and sticking by her motto “where you can’t pay for a good review” has made her Australia’s go to for anything shopping. There is hardly a week that goes by without Kathy commenting on shopping trends on primetime TV from ‘A Current Affair’, ‘The Morning Show’ & ‘Today Extra.
As well as appearing on TV, Kathy had the most highly read weekly column and blog for Sunday Telegraph ‘shop SMART’, being the most read section with a 3 month waiting list to advertise with a readership in Sydney is 600,000.

Shopping Confessions is currently a successful blog, and has a strong social media presence. Kathy resonates with viewers, listeners and shoppers because they relate to her, she is from Greek heritage, lives in the burbs, married with step children, a dog and tells it as it really is, and her passion for shopping and getting a bargain, finding what’s new or trying a new product is quite infectious.
People are so inspired and influenced by Kathy’s tips on what sites to use and where to shop, that companies have reported to have had their biggest day of business ever following Kathy giving them a mention on TV or on her blog. The envy of many, Kathy turned her hobby in to her profession… and she’s loving every moment of it!

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment we welcome shopping guru Kathy Sheeran here to talk about Priceline Pharmacy Sister Club, Australia’s largest health and beauty loyalty program having 6.4 million members. The program offers a strong monetary value back on dollars spent, and has a range of additional benefits including two free products per quarter for Pink Diamond level members, birthday vouchers, exclusive offers and more. A one-stop-shop for health and beauty products for women, let us learn more about their loyalty program with this interview.

Health Professional Radio – Sister Club Loyalty Program

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