Quality Braces to Ensure the Best Balance for Maximum Functionality [Interview][Transcript]

Nicola_Cimarosti_PUSH_PSB_BracesGuest: Nicola Cimarosti
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Nicola Cimarosti is the National Product Specialist for PUSH & PSB Braces in Australia. Nicola has Fitness and Sales background and is currently building brand awareness amongst practitioners in Australia.

Segment overview: The PUSH & PSB Braces brands supply a comprehensive range of medical and sports braces to treat patients with joint pain which is associated with arthritis, tendonitis and injury in Australia. More information can be found at www.pushbraces.com.au and www.psbbraces.com.au


Health Professional Radio – The PUSH & PSB Braces | Medical and Sports Braces

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guest today joins me from Australia. She is Nicola Cimarosti and she is the National Product Specialist in Australia, for Push and PSB braces. Nicola welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Nicola Cimarosti: Thank you Wayne.

W: Now Nicola, Push and PSB braces doesn’t kind of fill me with an image of what it is you do. Can you fill me in on what we’re talking about and what geographic area you work in?

N: Okay, well basically Push and PSB braces supply a comprehensive range of medical and sport braces, which basically treat patient with “joint pain” that is associated with arthritis, tendonitis and injury. Well we represent the brand in Australia and the full range is available in every state and territory in the country. They are an international brand and they’re available across the globe.

W: Now Push and PSB are kind of different sides of the same coin, are they?

N: They are, so Push is the medical brand and PSB is the sports brand.

W: And what are the differences between them in practices? Is it just the branding or are there practical differences as well Nicola?

N: Well PSB is a more durable product which is better for sports use and PUSH is a comfortable brace for medical treatment of a joint pain.

W: Now I guess many clinicians who are involved in the kind of joint management would have a really good idea of what these look like and what they’re used for. If you’re not in that field these are the sorts of things you would see people wearing on their wrists or knees where they have injuries, have I got that right?

N: That’s correct, yeah.

W: Now Nicola most of our audience are clinicians of one kind or another, what’s the message you’d like them to hear today?

N: Well basically our brand is scientifically designed to increase the loading capacity of the joints to allow the patient the freedom of movement. The braces facilitate rehabilitation and allow the patient confidence to exercise the painful joint freely. Basically we’re recognized in Australia with the market leading team we sell brace, but we also offer a full range to stabilize the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow and back. And example of one of our unique braces is the ortho ankle which has a unique function of anchoring the unstable ankle from a medial rigid shell allowing comfort of the lateral strain, similar to a stirrup strap brace but comfortable and slim design.

W: Now Nicola with the Push and PSB braces, what are the characteristics that you think make them the leading brand in Australia? Is it the comfort do you think?

N: Definitely comfort, but also the scientific design with regards to how it actually stabilizes the joint without immobilizing any part of the joint.

W: Ah I see. So the things that I don’t know are legend I have to say. Nicola thank you for explaining that in terms of our clinicians can understand. My favorite question in every interview has to do with misconceptions and I guess there are misconception pretty much everywhere in one kind or another. In your business amongst your customers, clients, patients, what’s the biggest misconception about Push and PSB braces that you find that drive you mad and keep you awake at night?

N: Well Wayne unlike many other braces that are designed to rest a joint, our braces do not completely immobilize the joint but stabilize it, allowing the patient to move freely. As it is known by many practitioners, if you don’t continue to actively exercise your joint they will waste and become degenerative which is unique to our braces.

W: That’s a significant difference I would say. Now how do people get to find out more?

N: They can visit the pushbraces.com.au or the psbbraces.com.au sites for more information and to find their local distributor.

W: Now I’m always getting in trouble for mentioning websites before I warned people. So pencils ready the first one of those was pushbraces.com.au and the second one is psbbraces.com.au

N: That’s right.

W: Nicola it’s been a pleasure having you with me today, thank you for your time I realize you’re a busy person. I do appreciate you making yourself available to have a chat with us today.

N: Not a problem, thanks for having me Wayne.

W: It’s our pleasure indeed. If you’ve missed my conversation today with Nicola Cimarosti, Nicola is the National Product Specialist in Australia for Push and PSB braces. If you missed my conversation, the good news is we have a transcript of the whole interview on our website. There’s also an audio archive of the interview on both YouTube and SoundCloud and you can find the links to all of those at the Health Professional Radio website at www.hpr.fm. You’re for listening to Health Professional Radio, my name is Wayne Bucklar and thank you for being with us today.

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