Natural Anti-anxiety Supplement to Help Improve Mood and Well-being, Aid in Relaxation [Interview][Transcript]

dr_bruce_kambouris_relaxmax_kavaGuest: Dr. Bruce Kambouris
Presenter: Patrick Reyes
Guest Bio: Dr Bruce is a highly respected medical researcher, authoring several medical publications in the area of cholesterol, heart disease and nutrition with the CSIRO’s Department of Human Nutrition. He has a PHD in Medicine at Flinders University and has continued his studies, diversifying into other areas of health management such as naturopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and completed a degree in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University. He is also the scientist behind AquaBotanical – water made from vegetables.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we are joined by Dr. Bruce Kambouris Founding Director of AquaBotanical and RelaxMax™ Kava is his latest brainchild. RelaxMax™ Kava is a wildberry flavoured, effervescent kava supplement, scientifically shown to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, stress and tension – naturally. RelaxMax™ Kava is made from pure kava root extract and the patented effervescent formulation optimises absorption for instant, powerful results. Its muscle relaxant action can also assist patients with muscular problems both before and after chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy sessions, exercise or even Pilates. The product is listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a complementary medicine.

Health Professional Radio – Natural Anti-anxiety Supplement

Patrick Reyes:   Welcome to Health Professional Radio, my name is Patrick Reyes and on today’s show we are joined by Dr. Bruce Kambouris. He is a highly respected medical researcher and has authored several medical publications in the area of cholesterol, heart disease and nutrition. He has a PhD in medicine at Flinders University and he is also the scientist behind AquaBotanical which is water made from vegetables. Welcome to the show Bruce.

Dr. Bruce Kambouris:   Hello Patrick, thanks for having me at your lovely show.

P:   Yup, definitely. Now you’re here to talk about ‘RelaxMax Kava’ which is a new supplement. Can you tell our listeners what is Kava and how does it help?

K:   Well look, Patrick just to be also entertaining and wholesome with the viewers perhaps I start by using traditional societies such as the Pacific Islands. Generally, kava’s used for ceremonial purposes in these particular areas and the reason for that is to enhance people’s mood and also to reduce social shyness. So then the findings that scientists are sort of focused on the fact that it is a mood enhancer and it really and truly gets people into a positive mood. So that’s its traditional background and the starting point for scientists to actually look further as to why would it increase people’s mood and what benefits could this kava root have? And that was the question for some Melbourne University scientists including some Queensland University scientists and also some German scientists. And they carried out some research over a period of 3 – 4 years which is now published. So that is probably the basis of RelaxMax Kava but RelaxMax Kava also offers several advantages over the traditional use of tablets when they’re around.

P:   And how did you come up with the idea of RelaxMax Kava?

K:   Well look, it extends like this, the Melbourne University Department of Psychiatry found that in the kava trials the use of kava really and significantly affected generalized anxiety disorder. It reduced stress and it relieves sleeplessness and the effects were comparable to the effects seen by benzodiazepine drugs and with the advantages that it did not changed mental alertness which means that while you’re taking this kava you were able to drive or work. And furthermore and importantly, it was not addictive in these studies at all, Patrick. Now, how did I actually come up with the RelaxMax? It’s a bit of lateral thinking as follows even the cases of other prescription medicines it’s found that in a tablet form, you tend to absorb a certain percentage of the dose and that’s what it is, you can’t absorb a complete dose. The reason being it’s in a capsule form, the body actually has to digest the tablet and the efficiency of digestion seriously differs with different people. So you’re not quite sure how much dose you’re really getting. When you get the digested form, as taken by liquid, the effects of digestion allow the compound and then it’s an absorption issue. So when you can drink kava in the liquid form you’re sure that you can take it up rapidly and you’re likely to take up more of the active ingredients. So the issue with kava though and I think a lot of you is going to see… would say, ‘Oh my goodness it taste so earthy and terrible. I can’t get used to this terrible taste.’ With RelaxMax that was one issue and that is we have actually flavored the kava so that you can’t or the flavor is masked of its natural kava. But the technology comes with its… so that each of the RelaxMax Kava are doses, standardized for the active ingredients in kava and you simply add a little bit of water after you pour your sachet into a glass and you drink it. That way there, the effervescent allows very rapid and almost complete absorption of this active ingredient in kava. So the effect, Patrick that people’s tongue go numb, so let the people know that this numbing effect is not a stroke going… it is the effects of kava and a good strong kava will do that and I’m finding that with these dosing technologies, effervescent dosing technology, we’re actually seeing people finding effects as early as like 5 or 10 minutes, Patrick. So the technology is based around quicker, better absorption of the kava dose.

P:   Now are there any noticeable side effects from the taking the supplement?

K:   The Melbourne University studies had a look at liver function testing and found no significant difference compared to placebo. So the effect is seriously not placebo because those studies have removed the placebo effect, so we’re not gonna be told it’s placebo. The reason why and I can talk about that, why they actually looked at the liver, because liver and kava has been a topic of controversy for a long time, Patrick and I really think we can discuss this just a little bit while later. The side effect in some instances whilst that people may have developed a slight headache. Okay? This is very, very rare. The good thing about kava it sort to gives you the effect of alcohol but you don’t have a hangover effect the next day.

P:   Now, it also says here that it can increase female libido?

K:   Well look, what the studies looked that objectively, some of the preliminary studies quite a while back when the females were taking kava over appears actually for weeks, 2 doses a day… and went back to the research doctors and the one of the fair points that kept on coming out was ‘Dear doctor, my libido has actually improved and I’m not sure.’ And the doctor sort of collated that information and said ‘You know what, its more than a coincidence that this is happening.’ So one of the trials that they did was specifically also to determine whether it does have any effect on female libido. And this was measurable using something called the … indicator which is a measure of female libido and the conclusions of the studies were that if it is stress-induced loss of libido in females then the RelaxMax will certainly did show improvements in that area as well. Now there’s lots of other causes for loss of female libido and this is specifically when females are tired, stressed, exhausted and looking after children all day and are just too stressed to have their libido.

P:   I see. Now who shouldn’t be using RelaxMax and what are some of the precautions before taking it?

K:   Yes, sure. Look, even before I go to that one other reason that a lot of people actually buying RelaxMax is the sleeplessness, Patrick, which seems to be a very, very common issue in our community. Either because you’re a shift worker, you’ve got broken times of sleeping or whether you’re a pilot or whether you do excessive exercise at night and you can’t sleep. Well, it is an issue and the issue with sleeplessness is that there seemed to be two main reasons for sleeplessness, 50% of sleeplessness is due to emotional health. Meaning, things like a little bit of anxiety and you could note that when you just can’t sleep because your head speeding, thinking and you just can’t quiet them down or when you do go to sleep and you wake up in the middle of the night, an indication of low mood or a little bit of depression. Under those conditions, Melbourne University found that RelaxMax has significant effects on reducing sleeplessness but there are other causes of sleeplessness and the other half consists of structural problems and other problems such as … such as snoring, hormonal and the like. Under these conditions RelaxMax won’t necessary help directly but having said that all the stressors associated with not sleeping can be improved and these people will also have benefits. The precautions, firstly, people with unknown liver disorder such as… or alcoholism or hepatitis need to take an extreme precaution, I think they should ask their doctor, okay? If you’re taking medications, I think you should approach your pharmacist and ask them to see if there’s any contraindications with having RelaxMax to that, it’s just the real safety precaution. Children under 18 shouldn’t have this and the obvious ones would be a lactating mother, we don’t want the baby to be sleeping all night and please don’t do that and also pregnant females should not be taking RelaxMax. Now, there has been if you’d actually go and look up at kava, you’ll see that there’s been quite a lot controversy about kava and liver damage, okay, over the years. Now the TGA and Organizations such as the FDA in America know all about this and taking it in medicinal doses and prescribed on packets and taking all those precautions to be careful not to have liver damage, is very, very safe. So all of these has been taken into account and yet the medicine has been listed and is allowed for those reasons, so people as long as they take those precautions, I really don’t think that there’s gonna be an issue.

P:   Okay and what would you say is the biggest misconception that maybe your clients or users or the public has had about RelaxMax?

K:   Well look, the biggest misconception is that one well this is not a legal product or it is illegal but they’re very confused because even some states in Australia don’t allow kava or such, and that is because it tends to be abused. It tends to replace alcohol, but this is a medicine and should be used as a medicine at the prescribed doses. So that’s why there’s a lot of controversy even with RelaxMax. But we say to you that take it for medicinal purposes, it’s been examined and its continuously examined by universities in Australia and so far everything looks very, very positive and in terms of using kava for mild anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and female libido.

P:   And how can our listeners can get more information regarding RelaxMax?

K:   We have a website and it’s You can visit the website and then you’ll find reference to the university studies, testimonials and more about the product and it’s also an area where you can ask Dr. Bruce, that’s me, if you’ve got specific questions that you’d like to ask and from the website if you do want to purchase it you can purchase it online.

P:   Alright. If you missed that, that was It’s been a pleasure talking to you today Bruce.

K:   Thank you so much Patrick for listening to me.

P:   You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Patrick Reyes and we’ve been in conversation with Dr. Bruce Kambouris. As we talked about RelaxMax Kava, a new effervescent kava supplement that is an effective, non-addictive treatment for tension and anxiety. If you’ve missed our conversation or if you would like to listen to this interview again, transcripts and audio of this program are available at and also and you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.

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