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Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest: Melissa Jane
Guest Bio: Melissa founded SuperFood Republic after many years of battling her own health and weight issues, she became completely devoted to educating herself and others on diet theories, bio-individuality and holistic wellness which lead her to launch her own superfood powders product line, teas, raw cakes and cook books. She has almost 30 years of experience in the Wellness and Skin industry and studied under the guidance of INN Nutrition in New York to became a qualified Health Coach and trained at Raw Living to become a Raw Vegan Pastry Chef.

Segment overview: In this Health Supplier Segment episode, know more about SuperFood Republic products and services. Aside from Melissa’s product line of raw cakes, teas, cook books, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and refined sugar free deserts, SuperFood Republic also offers coaching for individual and family health, cooking demonstrations and lessons as well as corporate wellness coaching.

Health Professional Radio – Superfood Republic

Wayne Bucklar:   You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guest today is the founder of SuperFood Republic. Melissa Jane, tell me what it is that you do.

Melissa Jane:   Well as a health coach and wellness chef, I provide alternatives for people with food intolerances whether they will be a gluten free, diary free, fructose free. I provide a range in celebration cakes to normal cakes that I supply to hospitality catering, cafe’s and restaurants as well as to a lot of sporting events and the athletes as well who are on restrictive diet.

W:   Now what geographic area do you service?

M:   So predominantly at the moment it’s based in New South Wales, Byron Bay and in Victoria and we’re also looking at expanding out into the UK in September.

W:   Now food intolerance seems to be a very big and growing problem, have you found it to be so?

M:   I found that that’s actually how my whole company was burst because I was studying nutritional medicine and during my health coaching practice and I just thought of being a wellness chef just more for my educational thing because I do have a lot of food intolerances myself. And then as the market, as I started to spread the word about what I was doing, I realized how many people reaching out to me and to my company asking me to provide them healthy alternatives to desserts because dessert is the number eating item worldwide and people are always celebrating something or another and they found that favor around stuck in a corner not able to eat the food that was being served and in the event so it’s been a growing, growing part the dietary needs of people at the moment.

W:   Now when you say you supply cakes and foods and whatever, is this fresh or frozen or how does this work?

M:   So being a raw vegan dessert or raw paleo dessert, predominantly everything is all uncooked. With the particular food that we do, we do work from the commercial space because having to send it into state or a country, it does get to them frozen and it takes three months to consume that other, either in the freezer or that a week in the fridge. If you think organic raw food, so generally you got anything between 24 hours to be awake eating it if it’s in the fridge but it doesn’t stay long outside of a refrigerated modality.

W:   Now I was reading on your website some spectacular testimonials from people. I was fascinated to read about sugar free cakes.

M:   That’s become a big thing at the moment. There are so many people that are fructose intolerant and there are also a lot of families that are very mindful about how much sugar they’re actually feeding their children. So I found that a lot of people are approaching me and asking me to go to their home and cleaning up their pantry and teaching them how to make really healthy snacks and healthy treats for their children particularly their lunch boxes. So the fructose free range for me has now become my number selling produce that people come to me for booking and order online.

W:   That’s I guess not surprising in one regard and that the media over and over and over we’re reading these days about sugar being positively evil for all sorts of reasons. Is it something that  you think will continue to grow?

M:   I think it is. I think people are gonna be more mindful as to where all the hidden sugars are in their food although you think sometimes that you’re supplying your family to help the alternatives like fruit juice and so forth. Fruit juice contains just as much as sugar as soft drinks so it’s really bringing people to an awareness and consciously looking at what they are consuming, where are all hidden sugars are and we do tend to lay sugar in everything from tomato sauce to …. So it is becoming quite a large concern for a lot of people who do find that sugar is not suiting their body.

W:   You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. I’m in conversation with Melissa Jane, the founder of SuperFood Republic. She’s just telling me that fruit juice can contain as much sugar as soft drink, which I find astonishing. So mostly Jane, what is it that you’d like our listeners to know? Our listeners are predominantly clinical people, what’s the message for them?

M:   I think that the message for those really tend to want to communicate out there to the public in general and even to the medical profession is, “You can still enjoy the most sweetest things in life and they can be innocently sweet. So you don’t have to cut out things that you enjoy in life to fill the house benefits.” And that’s where my company does step in and crosses over where you can still feel that you’re part of the experience in that conversation around a table, enjoying healthy feeling foods as opposed to having food that are gonna make you quite ill and really have an after effect in terms of being food intolerant.

W:   Now what is your web address?

M:   It’s

W:   And is there a phone number people can contact you on?

M:   They certainly can 0414 905 869.

W:   Now tell me what’s the biggest misconception about your products and services that exist amongst your customers, clients that drives you nuts and keeps you awake at night?

M:   I think people misunderstand the healing benefits of the food that I do deliver because they do look decadent, they are rich in flavor, people are assuming that there are hidden sugars in there. And everything that is in there is organic, it is natural and our bodies can process it beautifully and take it to the limit all the fat and nutrients.

W:   Let’s hope that that message will help to spread a little bit further today Melissa. Thank you for joining me on Health Professional Radio. We’ll put a transcript of this interview up and a SoundCloud audio of it for anyone who missed the beginning or who is reading it on the web that will be available on This is Wayne Bucklar for Health Professional Radio.

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