Building Innovative Leadership Capacity in the Disability and Aged Care Sectors [Interview][Transcript]

Guest: Monika Gisler

Presenter: Henry Acosta

Guest Bio: Monika is the co-founder of ThinkChangeGrow, a people and culture consulting agency aimed at bringing positive change to workplaces across the globe. Monika along with ThinkChangeGrow co-founder, Hiam particularly have a passion for promoting awareness in the aged care and disability sectors of the Australian health industry. Monika draws on over 10 years’ experience in Google sales management; learning & development and program facilitation; to implement training which produces lasting positive outcomes. Drawing on a Masters in Coaching Psychology, principles of TaiChi and meditation, she translates her formal learnings into everyday context to help individuals implement positive change in their day-to-day work.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we welcome ThinkChangeGrow co-founder Monika Gisler here to share information about their consultancy firm. ThinkChangeGrow is a people and culture consulting agency that was founded last year by Google alumni, Hiam Sakakini and Monika Gisler. They share a combined 20+ years of building innovative leadership capacity in one of the most disruptive workplaces in the world. Particularly, Hiam & Monika shine a spotlight on the disability and aged sectors of the Australian health industry in a bid to raise awareness and aid one of the most vulnerable populations in Australia. They have a passion to share their knowledge from Google and empower the leaders of today for a better tomorrow. Armed with a passion to share their knowledge for the greater good, they decided to start ThinkChangeGrow as a means of empowering individuals to discover their authentic leadership skills so they can make their own social change in their workplaces and beyond.

Transcript – ThinkChangeGrow

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