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Dr_Nick_Bitz_YoutheoryGuest: Dr. Nick Bitz
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Dr. Nick Bitz is a licensed, board-certified naturopathic doctor who serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for Youtheory. Dr. Bitz received extensive education and clinical-training in Ayurvedic medicine, has experience in anti-aging medicine, women’s health and environmental medicine.

Segment overview: As the Chief Scientific Officer of Youtheory, Nutriwise’s health and beauty line, Bitz is bringing his comprehensive understanding of the human body and natural health care to create the most effective anti-aging, health and wellness supplements on the market.

Health Professional Radio – Age Beautifully and Thrive Daily

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio for this Health Supplier Segment. I’m your host Neal Howard, thank you so much for joining us today. Our guest in studio is Dr. Nick Bitz, Chief Scientific Officer at Youtheory. He’s here today to talk with us about Youtheory, he’s a licensed, board certified Naturopathic Doctor. Welcome to Health Professional Radio Dr. Bitz, let’s talk about you and Youtheory.

Dr. Nick Bitz: Excellent. Thanks Neal, I appreciate that. Well I mean just a little bit about me, I’m the Chief Scientific Officer for the brand which is called the Youtheory and we manufacture our products under the name Nutrawise and basically I’m a Naturopathic Doctor and I specialize in integrative medicine and I really try to blend what I know works in the clinical setting with what I’m hoping works in the dietary supplement industry and in health stores and so I’ve really, I’ve been with the company here for about, about 2 years now and I’ve been working in the industry close to 8 years now. I’ve moved in into the industry post-medical residency and started working on the formulation and with various companies in the industry. And then Youtheory has been around for, like I said close to about 5 years and Youtheory is really well-known for their collagen products in particular but we have a whole broad range of products that falls kind of underneath the anti-aging umbrella and so we’re all over the industry. You can find us at health food stores, mass market stores, big box stores, we’re becoming more widely available.

N: You strive to combine conventional health care with natural treatments. Are you finding things beginning to kind of loosen up as far as mindset as it pertains to traditional versus natural modalities?

B: Yeah, I think medicine’s really evolving here in the US. I think people are becoming more and more open to the integrative philosophies, this holistic medical practices whether they be Ayurvedic medicine or naturopathic medicine or herbalism or even just nutrition. You walk into a Whole Foods and their products stats are growing more and more robust, walking to a Ralph’s which is here in Southern California and they have more and more organic type of offerings more fruits, more vegies. So people are really changing how they’re eating and they’re really putting more of an emphasis on preventive care and I think that supplements work really well for that. In a clinical study, I do work with pharmaceuticals but I always work with diet, lifestyle, certain botanicals when necessary, high-force vitamins when necessary. I think that there’s a way to really balance out those two forms of care and self-care whether they be conventional medicines or these old-school, very traditional use of foods and botanicals that they work when used properly.

N: Now you’ve mentioned that health care is evolving and evolving in favor of natural modalities. Would you say that this evolving landscape in health care, there are so many different players, many of which are spouting the same thing about supplements and anti-aging and digestive health and what not. What makes Youtheory unique in this sea of evolution?

B: Well I mean that is a good question, I mean the industry is growing and there is a lot of more players, there’s a lot more products, a lot more options for consumers. Youtheory started out as a collagen only company and so our founders are really, they’re kind of the pioneers in collagen research that are out there, collagen products. In the US in particular. Of course we move over to Asia, collagen has been around forever, there’s a lot more research over that they definitely infused collagen with all their foods, I mean you find them in wines and beers and coffees and bread, you name it but in the US it’s a rather fairly new phenomenon. So Youtheory, there has a lot of pride in being one of the experts on collagen. We do collagen products that are specific for skin care, we do products that are specific for joint, we have a whole…line that’s based around collagen and so we pride ourselves on doing the research on that area including kind of new interesting products that are eye-catching. We are really kind of evolved what we do from a marketing perspective and so we use square bottles and so it’s a very different, it used to be very round, everyday bottles, we kind of changed our concept in to be a little bit more artful, a little bit more innovative if you will from a packaging and label standpoint as well. But what goes inside, we pride ourselves on getting the best collagen, I mean we do not source any of our products or any of our ingredients from China, we get all of our stuff from Europe and Brazil. We only get the best quality of collagen you can buy and then we have control over our manufacturing, so we know what’s going from the farm all the way to the shelf and we’re in control of all of that. And so we can make sure that in the end, we’re really building the most safe, most efficacious products that’s out there. And so I guess from the market place stand point, back to your original question, we’re really try to get out there and just spread the word about collagen. So there’s a lot of work in the US, but people really don’t know what it is. And then just beyond collagen, we do very well with turmeric, which is the number one botanical of the last two years in the US and continues to grow. We … more turmeric by now than anybody else in the US and we pride ourselves on using again the best materials based in science in creating products that just really work for patients.

N: Where can we get information about Youtheory, turmeric and this collagen that seems to be the mainstay of your practice there?

B: Yeah, really youtheory.com is probably the best resource. We do have a fairly large presence online as well, we do very well with Cosco. We’ve built up those websites to get people good, quality products at a cheap price and we give them the information that they need to understand at a very base level with what these products can be for them.

N: Now in wrapping up, what type reception have you received from traditional practitioners when you’re talking about nutritional supplements, turmeric or collagen from naturopathic point of view? What type of reception do you normally get?

B: It’s a mixed bag. Quite honestly a lot of the conventional practitioners are a little bit hesitant to really dive into botanical medicine or nutrition because they don’t know. If they don’t learn that in medical school, not part of their current practice, but more and more I think people starting to embrace it this movement of integrative medicine is spreading like wildfire. Last weekend I went to a conference on functional medicine and it was just jam packed with a lot of old school but a lot of very young doctors, fresh out of medical school that are yearning to understand more about nutrition and vitamins and botanicals and how they can utilize that in the clinical setting for their patients. So it’s definitely a mixed bag but I would say that generally speaking it’s become more of an easy conversation to have especially when there is science surrounding that. So if you can supply the science to somebody who’s skeptical they’ll, generally they’ll look into it and hopefully change their minds.

N: Great. Can we get any specific contact information to our listeners if they wanted to talk with you or get more information or find out how to get your products in bulk for their practice?

B: Yeah, the best way you can contact me direct in email. My email is nick@nutrawise.net, so nick@nutrawise.net. Feel free to shoot any questions, I can definitely point if you want to know more about buying in bulk, I can definitely point that question in the right direction….

N: Absolutely, thank you so much Dr. Bitz. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard and we’ve been talking with Dr. Nick Bitz, Chief Scientific Officer at Youtheory. Nick’s a licensed board certified naturopathic Doctor holding a passion for integrative medicine and combining conventional health care with leading natural therapeutics including botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and physician grade nutritional supplements. It’s been great having you here with us today Nick.

B: Thank you Neal, I appreciate it.

N: Thank you. Transcripts and audio of this program are available at healthprofessionalradio.com.au and also at hpr.fm and you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.

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