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Celebrity chef Doreen Colondres from Raleigh, NC discusses her Amazon bestseller cookbook “La Cocina No Muerde”. As a Novo Nordisk Ambassador, she’s created healthy recipes, including recipes for those that may be living with chronic conditions. 

Born into a family of cooks, Doreen Colondres’ family kitchen was the epicenter of her childhood. Watching her grandmother use produce grown in their backyard in every meal helped her develop a passion for local, fresh food and merging classic flavors with new ingredients. It was those unique traditions that led Doreen to launch, “The Kitchen Doesn’t Bite,” a food blog sharing healthy, easy recipes aimed at encouraging people to cook at home with fresh, local ingredients.

Her book “La Cocina No Muerde”, published by Penguin Random House was an Amazon Best Seller cookbook. A leading figure in today’s “Cocina Latina” movement and an expert in a range of Hispanic cooking, Doreen is determined to revolutionize the way the world approaches food, cooking, and eating habits. As a fresh food advocate with a passion to educate, Doreen’s easy approach and vibrant personality have helped her become a “people’s chef.”

Doreen has a Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)Level 3 certification in wine, a Sake Sommelier certification, among other food certifications from around the world, and has degrees in business and culinary arts. Her passion for learning and teaching has led her most recently to City of Oaks in Raleigh where she opened Vitis House, the first professional wine school in North Carolina.

Her mission in life is to show others that traditions should be honored, but there are diverse and flavorful ways to make every meal healthy. Doreen wants you to see cooking as a lifestyle, not as a duty. She wants you to enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen and convince you that cooking can be fun, relaxing, nutritious, and most importantly healthy!

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