Hearing Health and Over The Counter Hearing Aids

In the coming months, the FDA is expected to finalize its proposed rule to make certain hearing aids available over the counter, which will allow consumers to buy hearing aids without the supervision of a medical professional. While this new category may increase access, it has the potential to lead to consumer confusion. This is why seeing a hearing care professional before making such an important decision is still the most critical first step someone concerned about their hearing health should take in the process. Kate Carr, President of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), which represents the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world, and Dr. Thomas Powers, an audiologist, professor and researcher, discusses the upcoming change, what it means for hearing health and what listeners need to know about hearing loss and treatment. 

Kate Carr joined the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) as President in May 2018. She brings extensive expertise in non-profit management, government, cause marketing and advocacy to HIA and has devoted her career to organizations that change outcomes in health care and improve the lives of children and families. Kate will address any consumer or industry related questions related to hearing loss and the anticipated OTC regulation.

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