Hello Alvin: Accessible and Affordable Mobile Healthcare Network [transcript] [audio]


Guest: Joey Truscelli

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Joey Truscelli, co-founder and CEO Hello Alvin™, is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur who has successfully built healthcare and technology companies serving payers, providers and consumers. He formed Hello Alvin™ to help solve some of the most challenging and complex issues facing our healthcare system today: the uninsured/underinsured population, lack of price transparency and the impending physician shortage.  Additionally, he served as president, Business Development, Wireless Retail Group, one of the largest mobile phone prepaid pin/top-up distributors in North America,with 1,500 retailers and five carriers.  Truscelli also founded International Provider Services, Inc, where he staffed healthcare providers in military installations, such as the U.S. Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Luke Air Force Base and others.   

Segment overview: Joey Truscelli, co-founder and CEO of Hello Alvin, discusses how they come up with this project, which aims to give an affordable access to a doctor or a medical professional through their mobile phone, tablet or a computer when they needed one.

TBU -Transcript

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