HKG Epitherapeutics – Pioneering Epigenetics

Professor Moshe Szyf, Founder and CEO of HKG Epitherapeutics, discusses epigenetic research, the company’s novel tools for early detection of cancer and promoting healthy aging, recent data published on the ability of the company’s proprietary epiCervix test to detect cervical cancer in patients sooner and more.

Moshe Szyf, PhD, Founder and CEO of HKG Epitherapeutics, a biotech company focusing on the development of cutting-edge early detection tools utilizing epigenetic technology and advanced next-generation sequencing to enhance cancer diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes.

Dr. Szyf is a geneticist and James McGill professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at the McGill University, where he also holds a GlaxoSmithKline-CIHR chair in pharmacology.

He is widely recognized for his groundbreaking research spanning over three decades, which has revolutionized the fields of genetics and early cancer detection. Notably, he presented the first compelling evidence that challenges the long-held notion of fixed genetic makeup at birth. Dr. Szyf’s profound insights reveal that our genetic code can be dynamically altered through a biochemical process known as “DNA methylation.”

Szyf received his Ph. D from the Hebrew University and did his postdoctoral fellowship in Genetics at Harvard Medical School.

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