HMNC Brain Health: Taking The Precision Approach to Psychiatry

Dr. Hans Eriksson, Chief Clinical Development Officer discusses HMNC Brain Health, the first and only company taking the “precision” approach to psychiatry, using predictive diagnostics with cutting-edge machine learning and AI to provide patients with targeted, personalized therapies for treating Treatment-Resistant Depression and Major Depressive Disorders. 

In his role as Chief Clinical Development Officer, Hans Eriksson leads the clinical programs at HMNC Brain Health, ensuring that the strategies are aligned with the promises of the compounds in development.

Hans obtained his MD and PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at Lund University in Sweden. He also holds an Executive MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. After clinical training in psychiatry, he served as Consultant Psychiatrist and Assisting Head of the Psychiatric Clinic at Lund University Hospital. During the last two decades, he has held several senior clinical development roles in the pharmaceutical industry, in Sweden, Denmark, USA, and the UK. He has worked on five late-phase clinical development programs for depression indications, three of which have resulted in regulatory approvals for Major Depressive Disorder.

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