Holistic Weight Loss [transcript] [audio]

Guest: Dr. Richard Wolf  

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Dr. Richard Wolf received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic and has been in practice since 1985. He has completed extensive post-graduate training in radiology (including MRI and CT scan), nutrition, exercise physiology, stretching and strengthening, warm laser therapy, acoustic pulse waive therapy, spinal disc decompression, all-natural weight loss, mind-body healing, and stress reduction/meditation. Additionally, Dr. Wolf has extensive post-graduate training in radiology (including MRI and CT scan), nutrition, weight-loss, cellular detoxification, anti-aging, mind-body healing, exercise physiology, and many musculoskeletal/neurological healing techniques from Storz Medical, Switzerland. He is a member of The Association of New Jersey Chiropractors (ANJC), and holds certifications in UltraSlim Fat Loss System, Warm Laser technology and Acoustic Pulse Wave System.

Segment Overview: In this segment, Dr. Richard Wolf, DC, Founder, Holistic Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center, and author of the book “Please Don’t Read This Book… Unless You’re Ready to Get Out of Pain Without Medication, Lose Weight and Look and Feel Great.” discusses trends and issues involving holistic, all natural weight loss utilizing the UltraSlim Fat Loss System.


Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to the program. I’m your host Neal Howard here on Health Professional Radio. Thank you for joining us today. Our guest is Dr. Richard Wolf, founder of Holistic Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center and also the author of the book, ‘Please Don’t Read This Book, Unless You’re Ready to Get Out of Pain Without Medication, Lose Weight and Look and Feel Great’. There’s the title for you. He’s going to discuss a number of lifestyles, trends and issues involving holistic all natural weight loss. Welcome to the program, Dr. Richard Wolf.

Dr. Richard Wolf: Thank you Neal. Thanks for having me.

N: A bit a background about yourself. You are a doctor of Chiropractic, correct?

W: Yes.

N: Is that what you initially went into?

W: Yes. I was interested in going in the holistic end rather than, the what’s called the allopathic end which is more pharmaceutical and surgery, trying to help people get well naturally. Then through the years through a lot of study, research, conferences and just looking for further ways to help people we’ve added many, many things to the practice to help people get well and lose weight.

N: With these practice, Holistic Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center, how long has it been in existence?

W: We’ve been in this location in Maplewood since 2005 but I’ve been in practice at different locations since 1988.

N: Weight loss is extremely difficult to manage and maintain. As evidence in so many of our commercials and television shows. Do you consider the holistic approach a better approach or a more healthy approach? Why is it that you’re here today pushing holistic weight loss?

W: We have about 80% of our population is either overweight or clinically obese. So there’s a problem in our culture. I think it’s properly more of an educational and information problem. If people started to understand what they need to do to lose weight and detoxify and lose fat, then they could take the action steps to do that. So dieting and exercise has not worked well, otherwise we wouldn’t have problem that we do. Try to address it in a healthy way, not only helping people lose fat and also target fat loss but also just get healthier along the way.

N: Does the holistic approach deal with any of the psychological aspects of being overweight and maybe not being able to lose the weight and keep it off. I think in my experience, I’m talking with people that is the number one thing that causes so much discouragement and just cause people to just give up. Is there a holistic alternative to what normally goes on within some of the other weight loss organizations or with the weight loss healthcare professional?

W: The psychological perspective is very important, but I do think along with that, there are a number of key components and I can give you three. That when people start losing weight and feeling better, the psychological component becomes much less of an issue because they’re seeing the results and they’re feeling better to getting back to the functions in their life that they want to enjoy. If I may, I would give you three components.

N: Pleasure, yes.

W: Why is 80% of our culture has hypothyroid issues? That means that their thyroid is not functioning properly. We have an iodine deficiency in our culture and people don’t know about iodine nor how to get it. These 59 known diseases due to low iodine including breast cancers. We have to get people the right amount of iodine and the healthiest iodine. Really the best way to get, what’s called bioavailable observable iodine is through C vegetables. There’s many ways to do that. When you start supporting that thyroid with the right iodine that is I said is bioavailable. The iodine is also going to the heart, the brain needs iodine, male and female health organs need it. The body is able to start supporting its metabolic rate and start detoxifying. Iodine does so many other things in the body for good health. The hypothyroid issue is the big one. When people understand that then we can help them address fat, holistically with natural products.

N: There are number of medications on the market, Levothyroxine. If a person were to be taking that in conjunction with the healthier lifestyle or healthier diet, could they totally get off of the pharmaceutical and continue the weight loss?

W: Yes, that would be one of the goals. I would not direct the patient to get off of their medication. But they would do that with their medical doctor as the thyroid is starting to stabilize and we’re giving the body the nutrition that it needs and again specifically bioavailable iodine for the thyroid. I would want the person to work with their medical doctor and their blood work to be able to get off that medication, because all medication has side effects. Some of them are rather strong, so that would be a goal. The second one is Candida. Candida is a systemic yeast infection. Again, the number ironically is 80. 80% of our culture has Candida. The systemic yeast will come from taking birth control pills, steroids, drinking alcohol, sugar, a lot of the food that we eat that are processed. We have a food problem in our culture, about 80% of our food is GMO. The digestive system should be aligned with the wall, should be aligned with probiotics. Those are good bacteria. As I mentioned a moment ago, these medications, alcohol, birth control pill, sugar will affect the lining of the digestive system and impact those probiotics. We need probiotics to support our nutrition, to support blood health, to support brain health, for weight loss, for heart health. When the probiotics are being eliminated along the digestive wall, the body will start producing yeast and that’s called Candida. That’s in the bloodstream and 8 out of 10 people have that and that’s going to cause a major difficulty. Not only an overall health, but specifically in weight loss. We need to again just like with the thyroid and the bioavailable iodine address holistically and naturally had to cleanse out Candida out of the bloodstream, get the toxicity out of there, so that they can start to lose weight. Also, Candida is highly inflammatory. It correlates to quite a number of diseases. Then the third part would be alkalinity. Most people in our culture are drinking water from the store or from the sink. In our office, we have alkaline water for our patients, in glass bottles. We want to alkalinize the body, which is all natural state. When you start to alkalinize and hydrate the cells of the body, body will kick out toxicity. When toxins leave, the body fat will follow. We’re cleansing the body, it’s for anti-ageing, it’s for healing and then we want in glass. Because plastic bottles are causing hormonal issues and hormonal imbalances also cause weight gain. Specifically for women, plastic bottles that they’re drinking from have chemicals in it that will synthetically raise estrogen and a lot of them will end up in the breast. If we just simply with most people address understanding thyroid health with the bioavailable iodine, and most people do have Candida and have to cleanse it out and address alkalinity, I think we could kick a large majority of the people who struggle with weight loss and overall health, and start them on a way to lose weight, lose fat and get healthier.

N: We’ve been talking about some of the side effects of pharmaceuticals, some of the pitfalls and drawbacks when trying to successfully manage a weight loss program. I suppose that the title of your books suggested, there is a way that we can avoid the side effects, some of the psychological effects and successfully keep the weight off and still look and feel great. You’re the author of ‘Please Don’t Read This Book, Unless You’re Ready to Get Out of Pain Without Medication, Lose Weight and Look and Feel Great’. Talk about the book and why you gave such a title, such a wide ranging title?

W: It’s a pleasure working with people that are ready. They’ve made that emotional decision to step up and do something about their life and make positive changes. We have so many people that are unhappy, they’re overweight, they’re in pain – it’s affecting the quality of their lives. Many people get to a point which is enough and most of the people that we want. When someone who’s made the decision to step in with both feet – I’m here. “I’m ready to be helped and ready to take action.”, then we’re on our way. It’s that decision and it may help involve the family talking with them. It may be their own personal decision on their own but they are ready to do things that are going to actually make a huge difference in their life.

N: You used an FDA approved system for weight loss. Talk about this system that you utilize in your practice.

W: The ultraslim is the only FDA approved, double patented, non laser fat loss system in the country. There’s only, I think three others in the state of New Jersey. There’s no side effects. There’s no surgery required. There’s no medication. No exercises even required although we highly recommend it. The patient will come in and they tell us where they desire to target fat loss. Then they’re measured. We take some pictures where they desire that change. They are set up with the once a week schedule with there laying under a light. It’s a board of lights. It’s kind of like infrared, and the light actually feels warm and the light actually penetrates through the skin and literally opens up the pores in fat cells. The patient doesn’t really feel anything. They’re just laying there and relaxing. The fat can start to come out of the cells and then after about 8 minutes on the front, 8 minutes on each side and 8 minutes on the back, they’re escorted to a hypervibe machine where they stand on a vibration machine for 10 minutes to help escort that fat to the lymph, the kidney, the liver and the feces. Then the average fat loss is about 3 inches per session. We also make sure they’re on that alkaline water that I mentioned earlier in glass to help deep cleanse and detoxify the body. We do encourage some kind of exercise within 24-48 hours after the session, because the fat cell pores stay open, to encourage more fat to get out. Then we do give them a list of foods to eat and not eat and we do discuss the things that we mentioned before among others like the hypothyroidism with the iodine and the candy, the nutritional support to stay healthy. Over week by week, we’re watching them. We’re measuring them and we see really, really nice results. The goal is really to help people change their life, to get back to looking and feeling the way they want to.

N: Just to be clear, we’re talking targeted weight loss, say a person has a midsection that they want to lose weight. They think their legs are okay or the upper body or the areas around their thighs. You can pinpoint areas of weight loss using this system. That being said, can you also do an overall workout and still get that 3 inches per session result?

W: That’s the goal of the ultra slim system is our technicians will set the panel over where the person is desiring to target fat loss. If they desire more than one area then we’ll have them come back and focus on another program but we’ll start with one area. For most people, women is typically belly and thighs, with men it’s typically belly and chest. Then we’ll focus the area for 3, 6 or 12 weeks depending on what their goals are. Then we’re making sure that they’re again drinking the water and getting in the right supplements and hopefully eating the right food but actually keeping it on our log and then also there’s other opportunities we can work with them on. As you said, other things to do for weight loss and toning, like the right exercise, the right stretching, the proper nutrition. The ultra slim system is specifically looking at the area that they desire to alter by eliminating fat.

N: Where can we go online and learn more about this, Ultra Slim Fat Loss System and get a copy of your book as well, ‘Please Don’t Read This Book, Unless You’re Ready to Get Out of Pain Without Medication, Lose Weight and Look and Feel Great’.

W: One thing they can do is to call me at the office at 973 761 5060 or they can email us at ultra slim site, it’s drwolfultraslim.com or they can email me drwolf@drwolfholisticchiro.com.

N: Dr. Wolf, thank you so much for taking the time with us today.

W: Thank you.

N: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard. Transcripts and audio of the program are available at healthprofessionalradio.com.au and also at hpr.fm.

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