​Horizon Presents Data on Investigational Treatment Dazodalibep for Sjögren’s Syndrome

Dr. Ilias Alevizos, DMD, PhD, Executive Medical Director, Clinical Development at Horizon Therapeutics discusses data from the Phase 2 trial results on dazodalibep for two Sjögren’s syndrome populations. This program is the only Sjögren’s Phase 2 trial to meet the primary endpoint in both patient populations.

Ilias Alevizos, DMD, Ph.D., executive medical director, Horizon Therapeutics, is leading some of the company’s key clinical studies in autoimmune disease. In particular, he’s heavily focused on Sjögren’s disease, which is currently being evaluated for treatment with Horizon’s developmental medicine dazodalibep. Dr. Alevizos’ work researching Sjögren’s began in 2007 when he was a clinical fellow at the National Institutes of Health. Since then, he has worked at a variety of biotech companies focused in the autoimmune space. He joined Horizon Therapeutics in 2021, focusing on rare, autoimmune and severe inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Alevizos earned his DMD from Harvard Dental School and his Ph.D. in medical physiology from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. He completed a residency in maxillofacial pathology and research postdoctoral fellowships focused on bioinformatics and genomics at the National Institutes of Health.

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