How AI is Transforming the Future of Breast Cancer Screening

The safe adoption of AI can benefit mammography departments as they strive to deliver on the goals of the national breast screening program. Dr. Christopher Austin, Chief Medical Officer at Kheiron Medical Technologies, discusses the challenges that face Australia’s breast screening programs and how AI can help address those challenges, learnings from the UK’s National Health System’s adoption of AI in breast screening, and how those learnings can benefit Australian radiologists and women.  

Dr. Christopher Austin serves as chief medical officer at Kheiron Medical Technologies where he contributes his extensive knowledge and expertise as a trained radiologist, epidemiologist, strategist and innovator with more than 20 years of combined clinical and industry expertise on a global level.  He is a recognized thought leader in artificial intelligence and radiology, having worked with leading academic organizations to develop deep learning algorithms.  Prior to joining Kheiron, Dr. Austin held healthcare management roles at GE Healthcare, serving as medical director of imaging AI and analytics, and as global radiology solutions director, where he was responsible for developing innovative solutions and AI strategy for diagnostic imaging.  Previously, he held clinical and executive roles at a wide range of healthcare organizations including the University College London Hospital NHS Trust Foundation, NHS of Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and Doctor Career Choices.  He earned his medical degree at The University of Glasgow and underwent his radiology training at the University College Hospital of London.  He also holds a Master of Science degree in epidemiology at the University of London, and studied biomedical and clinical informatics at Oregon Health Sciences University.

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