How Childhood Traumas Have A Quantifiable Neurological And Chemical Impact On Brain Development

Guest Bio: Robin Grille is a father, a psychologist in private practice with twenty years’ experience, and a parenting educator. His articles on parenting and child development have been widely published in Australia and overseas. Robin’s first book:’Parenting for a Peaceful World‘ (2005) has received international acclaim and led to speaking engagements around Australia, USA and New Zealand. ‘Heart to Heart Parenting‘ (ABC Books) is Robin’s second book. A passionate speaker and social change activist, Robin’s extensive research has led him to feel that improved attention to babies’ and children’s emotional needs is the most powerful way to move societies toward sustainability and peace.

Segment Overview:
Robin Grille develops the concept of how childhood traumas have a quantifiable neurological and chemical impact on brain development. He outlines how serious violent offenders are not born that way but have trauma within their childhood experience. He advocates more active and hands-on parenting and goes on to explain how parenting is a community responsibility. He highlights the failure in current Australian support policy (e.g. parental leave entitlements) to support parents to spend time with their children and create adults that are emotionally balanced, physically healthy and socially responsible.


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Niyati:I’m speaking with Robin Grille, clinical psychologist and parenting expert, author of Parenting For A Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting. My name is Niyati Labot [sp], and you are listening to Health Professional Radio. We’ll be back in a moment.

Hello, and this is the second part of Health Professional Radio with Niyati Labot [sp], and I’m speaking to Robin Grille, clinical psychologist and parenting expert.

We were just discussing, Robin, how MRI scans are revealing certain amazing revelations about how early childhood trauma can affect people’s emotional health and their ability to function correctly in the world, and you were speaking about some violent offenders.

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