How Pharmacists Are Changing the Future of HIV Care

Returning guest, Brad McElya, PharmD, Walgreens Director of Specialty Health Solutions discusses how pharmacists are uniquely positioned to provide holistic care to people living with HIV who may also have other health issues. He talks about managing the needs of an aging population that is living with HIV and the importance of cultural competency among people working with those living with HIV.

Brad  McElya, PharmD, Walgreens Director of Specialty Health Solutions, has been at Walgreens for over 20 years and in HIV treatment and prevention for four years. As a pharmacist who practiced in communities in Indiana and North Carolina, he can speak to the critical role the pharmacist plays as highly accessible healthcare providers across America. In his current role, he oversees Walgreens HIV treatment and prevention efforts and is involved in the trainings that Walgreens pharmacy teams undergo to provide compassionate and confidential care, including an understanding in cultural competency and enabling stigma-free experiences. 

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