How Precision Medicine Will Help Accomplish Goals of President Biden’s Cancer Pledge

President Biden recently announced a multi-faceted cancer pledge with the goal of reducing mortality from the disease by 50 percent during the next 25 years. Dr. Milan Radovich, Senior Vice President and Chief Precision Medicine Officer at Caris Life Sciences ® discusses precision medicine and why some treatments work well in some patients and not others with the same diagnosis. He talks about the lack of strategies to develop treatments for some cancers and not targeting the right treatments to the right patients; how to apply comprehensive molecular and clinical insights to help identify effective therapies; and why innovations such as liquid (blood) biopsy are charting the future of early disease detection and diagnosis. 

Dr. Milan Radovich, PhD joined Caris Life Sciences in September 2021 as Chief Precision Medicine Officer and Senior Vice President. In this role, he leads Caris’ efforts in data-driven scientific advancements in biomarkers, therapeutic recommendations, genomic medicine, target discovery and drug development.

Before joining Caris, Dr. Radovich was an associate professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Vice President for Oncology Genomics at Indiana University Health, and co-director of the IU Health Precision Genomics Program, a clinical program dedicated to the integration of cutting-edge genomics for the care of advanced cancer patients. His research expertise focused on the use of genomics in translational oncology, particularly on the use of genomics in clinical studies, genomically-informed drug combinations, circulating biomarkers for cancer detection, and creating novel bioinformatic pipelines for cancer genome analyses. His work has been published in many high-impact journals and presented at international oncology meetings.

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