Ovarian Cancer Australia [Interview] [Transcript]

Guest: Hayley Russell

Presenter: Henry Acosta

Guest Bio: Hayley Russell holds the role of Support Coordinator at Ovarian Cancer Australia. Her responsibilities there include the running of face to face and telephone support groups for those with an ovarian cancer diagnosis, providing support and information for women with a cancer diagnosis, their families and the general public, facilitation of an online forum and the running of information sessions for those affected by ovarian cancer. Hayley is a trained counsellor whose has previously worked in various areas of women’s health and as a grief counsellor. She is passionate about providing support for women in a variety of mediums, facilitating peer to peer support and providing opportunities for women to speak openly about their cancer experience.

Segment overview: Hayley Russell, Support Coordinator at Ovarian Cancer Australia, joins us in this segment to talk about the support they give to women affected by ovarian cancer and to give them a voice to facilitate research and to raise awareness on ovarian cancer.

Transcript – Ovarian Cancer Australia

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