IM Cannabis – Government-Licensed Cannabis Products

Oren Shuster, CEO of IM Cannabis, which offers government licensed cannabis products from generic to GMP-certified and pharmaceutical-grade, for both wholesale and retail clients discusses the international medical cannabis industry, their product portfolio, and their proprietary technologies that streamline and enhance production and can match certain strains with patients’ specific health conditions.  He also talks about the existing relationships with leading research institutions to ensure the high quality of its cannabis products.  The company is based in Israel and currently focuses on the European market.

Founder of Ewave Group Ltd., Oren Shuster presently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer & Director at I.M.C. Holdings Ltd. (Israel) and Chief Executive Officer & Director at IM Cannabis Corp. He is also on the board of Ewave Group Ltd.  Oren’s background is in software and healthcare technology, and he entered into the cannabis industry in 2010.

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