Indoor Air Quality devices benefits in hospitals and medical offices

Tony Abate, Vice President & Chief Technical Officer at AtmosAir in Fairfield, CT, discusses the benefits of high-tech Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) devices in hospitals and medical offices. He says they help to eliminate dust particles, mold, odors, mildew and bacteria that create an unhealthy environment in a hospital and cause illness and infections.

Tony Abate is Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at AtmosAir, which provides clean indoor air technology to commercial and residential buildings, hospitals and health care centers, airports, hotels, colleges, casinos and sports facilities.

Tony has been with AtmosAir since its founding in 2004. He brings significant HVAC, air quality testing and environmental analysis experience to AtmosAir, including prior experience testing and designing air purification solutions for the US Army, JP Morgan Chase, Norwegian Cruise Lines, school districts, professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies.

Tony is a Certified Mold Inspector and trained IAQ professional, and is a regular member of ASHRAE. He is a published expert on IAQ and bi-polar ionization air purification technology and has conducted training seminars for HVAC industry leaders such as Trane.

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