Inequalities in Dental Care Inspire SprintRay CEO to Revolutionize 3D Dental Technology

Amir Mansouri, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of SprintRay, discusses how his vision to revolutionize the dental industry with new “on-demand” 3D printing technology, which will be released in early 2022, inspired him and his company to address dental access inequality globally. In fact, SprintRay will soon announce an exciting partnership to launch a charitable initiative to provide underserved global populations with high-quality dental care. 

Amir Mansouri, PhD, is the CEO and Co-founder of SprintRay. Before founding SprintRay, Amir received both a Master’s degree and PhD in the field of additive manufacturing. A unique blend of scientific and entrepreneurial, he pursued a technology commercialization program at USC Marshall School of Business, which led to the co-founding of SprintRay in 2014. Under his direction, SprintRay has grown from a proof-of-concept business plan to a multi-national dental equipment company. Today, Amir is uniquely suited in his responsibility for planning and strategizing SprintRay’s product and commercial development growth.

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