Infant mortality awareness month

September is Infant Mortality Awareness Month and returning guest Manuel Fermin, CEO of the Healthy Start Coalition discusses infant mortality and ways in which to address the issue and reduce high infant mortality rates.

Manuel E. Fermin serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Healthy Start Coalition of Miami-Dade, the community-based organization designated by the Florida Department of Health to serve as Miami-Dade County’s prenatal and infant care coalition. Under Mr. Fermin’s leadership, the Coalition provides essential child and maternal health services to more than 700 mothers per week.

Mr. Fermin has led the Coalition since 2001 and brings more than two decades worth of experience in social services. He is responsible for the comprehensive direction of the Healthy Start system of care in Miami-Dade County and for representing the organization throughout the community, as well as overseeing the entire operations of the Coalition and providing crucial direction and support.

He has served on numerous panels, advisory committees and governing boards, and has been highly lauded as a presenter at many conferences in academic settings. Mr. Fermin has served as an officer on both the Executive Committee of the Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions (FAHSC) and the Healthy Start MomCare Network (HSMN).

Mr. Fermin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences, majoring in Sociology from the University of Florida. He obtained a Masters in Public Administration from Florida International University. Mr. Fermin is married and the proud father of four children.

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