Infinant Health – Infant Microbiome and Health Trajectory

Kaile Zagger, CEO of  Infinant  Health,  previously known as Evolve Biosystems, discusses the importance of the infant microbiome and why their  product, EVIVO,  contains a specific strain of  B.  infantis,  EVC001.  

Widely recognized as a Social Impact Leader and an expert in working to improve standards of care in healthcare, Kaile Zagger has spent her career elevating and progressing global healthcare through the introduction of groundbreaking products and disrupting conventional thinking in the global space. She began her career in the Global Leadership Development Program at General Electric, under the tutelage of the legendary Jack Welch, where she was deeply rooted in strong process management, financial principles, and leadership rigor, and has been adorned with a Black Belt in Six Sigma. In her 20+ years of healthcare leadership, she has launched multiple global businesses, converted standard of care across specialties, drove over $3B in revenue, and successfully transformed businesses across the industry. She is hailed by her peers as a “Warrior for women and children,” has been recognized as a “Top Ten Chief Operating Officer Globally,” in 2021. She was also awarded a coveted place as a “Top World Leader in Healthcare” in 2022 and is repeatedly noted as a cutting-edge leader in innovation year over year. In addition to her many professional accomplishments, Kaile Zagger is also Co-Founder and CEO of a charitable organization that was constructed to help eradicate late-stage diagnosis of female cancers, a speaker for universities and an author for Worth Media. Ms. Zagger has been adorned with two State of Connecticut Proclamations that were awarded for her philanthropic work in advocation for women and preventative disease. She has a deep network within the healthcare industry and is widely respected as a visionary that repeatedly leads the industry towards progression and advancement   

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