Introduction to First-of-its-Kind Probiotic and Botanical Supplement Targeting the Gut-Lung Axis

Dr. Vivek Lal, CEO and Founder of ResBiotic, discusses the first-of-its-kind supplement that can target the gut-lung axis with clinically validated probiotic strains and bioactive botanicals. He shares ResBiotic’s origin story and key findings that helped advance the gut-lung axis science, the creation of a proprietary probiotic blend, and the ongoing and planned studies that will further test the effects of this novel formulation. 

Dr. Vivek Lal, DMD, FAAP is a physician scientist entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in lung research, clinical management, and healthcare entrepreneurship. He completed his clinical and research training at the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and serves as the Director of the Pulmonary Microbiome Lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which is funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and American Heart Association (AHA). A neonatal intensivist and pulmonary biologist by training, he has authored over 100 original scientific publications, chapters, and abstracts, including groundbreaking articles on the critical role of the microbiome in chronic lung diseases. Prior to his current role leading ResBiotic, he also founded Urgent Care for Children: the leading pediatric urgent care provider in the Southeast.

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