Ireland’s Quiet Revolution on Abortion Ban

A decision has been reached on Ireland Abortion Ban.  The Republic of Ireland has recently voted to repeal its abortion ban in a referendum. It was a landslide victory for pro-choice citizens and advocates – 66.4% voted YES, while 33.6% voted NO.

Under the current law, women are only allowed to get an abortion if their life or health is in serious danger. Unfortunately, victims of rape and incest cannot have an abortion, as well as women who have unborn babies with fatal foetal abnormalities.

Around 2 million people participated in the referendum last Friday. Campaigners cried tears of joys and tightly hugged each other when the final result was announced from Dublin Castle. The Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar described this as a “quiet revolution.”

Varadkar, who campaigned to repeal the laws, had called the vote a once-in-a-generation chance. He told journalists in Dublin, “What we see is the culmination of a quiet revolution that has been taking place in Ireland over the last couple of decades.” The final result was announced at Dublin castle where many campaigners for change hugged each other and broke into tears.

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