Is Someone In Your Circle Abusing Drugs: Look For These 7 Signs

You may be hanging out with friends. Or you see family members regularly. There’s a lot of the usual characteristics you’ll always notice about them.

However, there might be something not right about them. What could it be, you ask yourself. It might be certain behavioral changes or the way they appear.

You might be suspicious about possible drug abuse. If you are unsure of what the signs are, this guide will go over the seven signs to look for. If you know someone who may need help for drug abuse, check out Gallus Detox for more information.

Let’s take a look now at the following list of signs below.

Physical changes

One of the obvious signs of drug abuse is physical changes. These include weight loss or gain. This also includes changes in their skin appearance or complexion, dilated pupils, or bloodshot eyes.

You may notice that they look disheveled and not having good hygiene. People who abuse drugs may neglect their own personal care and healthy habits. This may confirm possible drug use, but you may need to look for other signs for confirmation.

Changes in behavior

Likewise, anyone who is abusing drugs may be experiencing changes in behavior. They may exhibit behaviors such as irritability and agitation. They might start becoming more secretive.

You may notice that they start becoming more isolated from other people. They may also withdraw from social activities. Thus, they can also have trouble maintaining relationships with other people.

This also includes their existing relationships with friends and family. They may also have trouble building new relationships as well. But it doesn’t stop there.

They may engage in risky behaviors. These may include but are not limited to criminal activities and even driving a motor vehicle under the influence. These types of activities can lead to criminal penalties.

Furthermore, a criminal record may be tied to drug abuse. This can alter the course of one’s life. Especially when it comes to a person seeking future employment.

Some employers won’t be able to hire someone because of their past criminal history. This is one more reason why someone you know should get help for their drug abuse. The sooner they get the help needed, the better.

Financial problems

It should come as no surprise that drug abuse and financial problems go hand-in-hand. They may be spending money on drugs most of the time. For this reason, it will lead to someone being unable to make payments for certain essentials.

This includes missing rent payments, car payments, or anything they need on a regular basis. Because of their behavior from drug abuse, they may also lose their job. Thus, they lose their source of income.

When someone is dealing with financial problems, they will have issues paying fines or expenses if they committed criminal activities. Such financial hardships can also lead to desperate acts. This can include but is not limited to theft and financial manipulation.

Someone in your circle may ask you for money more often than usual. This may lead you to raise your suspicions about them. That’s why it is important for you to look out for behavioral changes such as this.

This may be confirmation that they may be abusing drugs on a regular basis. At that point, you will need to stage an intervention. Let them know that you are concerned for their well-being.

Let them know that you will support them during their treatment process. While you might not directly plan the intervention, their family or other friends may be aware of someone’s drug abuse.

Mood swings

Drug abuse can lead to mood swings. A person abusing or under the influence of drugs may experience extreme highs and lows. They may become easily angered or agitated.

It may also exacerbate any potential mental disorders they may have including depression or anxiety. Mood swings can have a negative effect on the person doing drugs or the people around them.

Changes in sleep patterns

Sleep patterns may change in someone who abuses drugs. For example, a person may sleep for extended periods of time or even deal with insomnia. They may also have regular nightmares or vivid dreams.

The effects and emotional stress of drug abuse can lead to these changes in sleep patterns.

Physical health problems

Most, if not, all drugs are known for causing physical health issues. These can affect various parts of the body. For example, digestion issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea are considered common for those who abuse drugs.

Other issues can include a depressed immune system. This can lead to an increased risk of contracting illnesses and infectious disease. This can include but is not limited to hepatitis or HIV.

That’s why it’s important for someone abusing drugs to get the help they need. These health issues can shorten one’s life. To that end, a person’s quality of life must be good.

It can happen when someone who is abusing drugs decides to turn their whole life around. These physical health problems can begin to form after short-term, even long-term use of certain drugs.

The physical changes that happen rapidly can also lead to sudden health issues. The sooner someone gets help, the better the chances these health problems do not happen.

Changes in their social network

The last sign to look out for is that a person may change their social network. We’re not talking about social media (as the words social network sounds close). This is withdrawing from socializing with people they usually interact with including yourself.

They may be associating themselves with people who indulge in the same drugs as they do. If anything, these may be the same people that got that person addicted in the first place. This may lead to having a hard time trying to find them.

Not to mention, you want to find them so you, their family, and the rest of their friends stage an intervention. Remind that person that the people they associate themselves with can lead to worse consequences.

This includes continuing their addiction, even to the point where they lose their lives due to overdose.

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