Jamestown Plastics – True Hero™ Extreme Coverage Shield

Jay Baker, President of Jamestown Plastics™, a custom manufacturer of thermoformed products, talks about how he and his team did a “pandemic pivot” and created and manufactured face shields to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Jay felt it was his responsibility to immediately help create a solution that would address the needs of First Responders to be safe within his local community. Thus, True Hero™ Extreme Coverage Shield was born.

Jay Baker is President/Owner of Jamestown Plastics and Founder/Owner of TrueHero, Inc. Jay is an inventor holding more than 40 USA and international patents, including the ‘Clamtainer’ – the world’s first Certified Child Resistant clamshell container. He is very involved in his community, including serving on the local Board of Education for 25 years. Jay holds a BS in Business from Clarkson and is married to the love of his life, Sharon, with whom he has four adult children and two grandchildren.

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