Medical Cannabis Curriculum for Health Professionals [Interview][Transcript]

John_Malanca_Medical_Cannabis_EducationGuest: John Malanca
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: John and Corrine Malanca are founders of United Patients Group. (UPG) is a resource in Medical Cannabis information for physicians, patients and organizations. UPG acts as a virtual hand for patients, by helping them navigate through this ever-changing industry with CME education courses and one-on-one consulting to physicians and medical institutions.

Segment overview: John Malanca, founder of United Patients Group (UPG), a leading resource in medical cannabis information and accredited education, talks about the launch of it’s Medical Cannabis Curriculum for Health Professionals.

Health Professional Radio – Medical Cannabis Curriculum

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, thank you so much for joining us today. Our guest in studio is Mr. John Malanca. John is Founder of United Patients Group, a leading resource in medical cannabis information and accredited education. And he’s here today to talk with us about the launch of their medical cannabis curriculum specifically designed for health care professionals. Welcome to Health Professional Radio John.

Mr. John Malanca: Thank you for having me.

N: Thank you. Now you’re the Founder, you and your wife are Founders of UPG or United Patients Group. Talk a bit about what United Patients Group is involved in.

J: Well United Patients Group, we are the leading information and educational website. We’re based here in the States but we are a global company and so we consult with patients and medical professionals worldwide. We do handhold patient and medical professionals on what to expect in the cannabis industry, there are a lot of questions, there’s a lot of information out there, there’s a lot of patients don’t have time. I know earlier you mentioned that a lot of people don’t have time getting caught up in the tangled web. And so a lot of families are scared and desperate and really not knowing which way to go and that’s what we’re here for. We experienced this first-hand with our own family member and so we just, the reason why we built this company was to help others so they didn’t have to go through what we went thru and we hear was the…we had a successful outcome with my father-in-law. So because of that, we pride ourselves on education and information. We do have our courses are CME approved and so we do have this toolbox that we’re able to travel not only here in the US but overseas, bring our team for doctors in other medical institutions as well as local state and international governments on the benefits of medical cannabis at the science level. We don’t, go on?

N: Well, no. Finish your thought.

J: At the science level where was I going with that.

N: Science medical level.

J: The science medical level but a lot of patients…about medical cannabis but it is in the news and it’s gonna get, this topic is gonna be brought up more often, the stigma is starting to drop but it’s still there. We have a lot of doctors still that are on the fence. We recently get an oncology…on California area and we did seven hours of education and it was a complement that this one doctor came up to us and said “I saw you here last year but I bullied you like the plague. I just thought there was no truth behind medical cannabis and cancer. After the conference, I went home, I did my research not only on United Patients Group and both Corinne and myself.” But to see behind medical cannabis and he said “I’m here today to tell you that I want to apologize but I will be incorporating medical cannabis to my practice” and he was an oncologist, a pediatric oncologist actually from Arizona. So that showed it was definitely appreciated to hear an oncologist who learn from us and that’s what our main goal is to teach one, we don’t sell products, so we’re not trying to… we’re just here to educate about the benefits of medical cannabis and the science behind it.

N: Your medical cannabis curriculum is designed specifically for health care professionals. Is … involved in educating the patients as much as the physician, the family members as much as the physician?

J: We do educate both parties, the families, the patients as well as medical professionals and a lot of times the families of the loved ones of someone’s whose going through something as awful as cancer, they want to learn and they’re able to go back to their doctors, they’re able to go back to their oncologists and say “What about cannabis? Here are some studies, would you give us permission to try this?” And if our doctor, my father-in-law’s doctor was not open to this even with lack of information that she had then, he wouldn’t be here today and that’s another question that, on another interviews that we’ve been is people always asking what is the worst thing about this industry and I said “The worst thing is that my father-in-law was very fortunate that he lived in a state that was legal, he’s loved by me and my family. And what happens to the family that lives in Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Florida that’s just as loved but doesn’t get a second chance in life?” And that’s difficult especially living in the United States of America, it’s legal in one state but not legal in another. And so these doctors their patients are asking, the patients are educated, the internet blimey has educated a lot of people and it has reached thousands, hundreds and thousands of people, millions of people to get this information in their fingertips and for them to be able to get the information from us, from our site, from our medical professionals and bring it back to their medical team is very welcome and we do online as well as phone or skype consultations with our medical professionals and a lot of times we actually all the time we ask the patients, please know that you can invite your doctor and on the call so they can learn.

N: You’ve mentioned not having the time to peruse all the information that’s out there both good and bad, useless and useful. At your website,, let’s talk a little bit about living in a state where as you say a legal state versus an illegal state. Not having the time does your website offer a one stop shop when it comes to familiarizing yourself with the different laws and different jurisdictions?

J: Yeah, actually a great question. On our website we have a whole section on health Conditions, we have a whole section on laws by state here in the US. The good thing, California’s been legal for 21 years, people don’t realize it, 20 and half years to be exact and people don’t realize that and so there’s some incredible doctors in this industry that are based here in California, incredible product companies in this industry they’re based here in California. Testing is very important and so not to say they were ahead of all the other states but California has been doing it for quite some time and but education not only at the medical level but education at the product level because there’s not a one size fits all. That’s all listed on our website, people can come to the site and find a top doctor or medical professional, we have a Medical Directory of top doctors and nurses in the industry as well as clinics. People are able to, there’s a locator to find top products in this industry as well that had been tested, we do offer a seal of approval so it is United Patients Group Seal Approval that we award to organizations and products as well as the individuals and doctors in the industry that we feel have passed the test those being awarded our seal of approval and so it is very helpful. We have a lot of people that have applied for it, not everybody has been accepted. We look at packaging, we look at customer service, we look at the product and test it, and so it is a guideline. Right now there aren’t too many regulations in the industry and hopefully soon that will change but our site covers everything from medical trials to clinical trials to top doctors, to recent studies as well as local state information, there goes international information so it is a site that we add to daily.

N: Now you offer information and education. What about consultation? What does that involve and how can our listeners request the consultation?

J: Yeah, thank you. So on our website right at the very top of our homepage, there is a consultation tab, you can skype or phone in to meet one of our medical professionals, it does cost a hundred and fifty dollars for an hour consultation but it’s definitely well worth it, it does take the guess work out so cannabis is not a one size fits all. They look at age, weight, current health condition, any medications or supplements that the patient may or may not be on. And so again that helps eliminate the blind leading the blind when a lot of families are in panic mode as we were. “Which way do we go? My father-in-law has a week left, two weeks left.” “My aunt is battling this.” Again it is not a one size fits all and actually we’ll be having an article coming out next week, again why it’s not a one size fits all. Different cancers need different formulations. The same thing even with epilepsy, it’s not again because our bodies were all designed differently, some people may have a higher resistance to medications and it’s the same thing with cannabis.

N: Well it’s certainly been a pleasure talking with you this afternoon.

J: I appreciate your time as well. Thank you Neal.

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