Tory Davidson
Presenter: Rebecca Foster
Guest: Tory Davidson
Guest Bio: Tory holds the following qualifications: Diploma Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology); Diploma Forensic Healing; T5T Instructor (The Five Tibetan Exercise Rites & Breathing Techniques); ABFE Practitioner (Australian Bush Flower Essences); among other qualifications. She is a Professional Member of the Australasian Board of Psychosomatic Therapy (ABPT).

Segment Overview
In this segment, Tory Davidson, a kinesiologist from Young, New South Wales discusses the benefits of kinesiology as a form of complementary medicine.


Health Professional Radio

Rebecca Foster: Welcome to Health Professional Radio. We’re interviewing Tori Davidson today about kinesiology. She’s a kinesiologist from Young, New South Wales. So Tori, what is kinesiology?

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