Know the Difference Between COVID-Delta Variant and Cold-Allergy Symptoms

Allergist and immunologist Dr. Payel Gupta, professor at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Mt. Sinai Medical Center, discusses differences between symptoms often seen with COVID-19 (including the latest Delta variant) compared to symptoms of a common cold and/or environmental allergies. Dr. Gupta outlines why it is critical to know the difference and at what point to consult a physician, in addition to ways to manage allergies as we head into another prime allergy season. Dr. Gupta is a paid spokesperson of ALK-Abello, Inc., a company that markets products to treat seasonal allergies including allergies to dust mites, grass and ragweed.

Dr. Payel Gupta is triple board-certified and holds certifications from the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, the American Board of Internal Medicine, and the American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Gupta works in New York City and also is a professor at both SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

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