KRYSTEXXA Real-World Use in Dialysis Patients

Dr. Anthony Bleyer, a nephrologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health in North Carolina and co-author of this study discusses real-world data shared at the National Kidney Foundation’s Spring Clinical Meeting (April 2021) on KRYSTEXXA (pegloticase injection) use in dialysis patients with advanced renal disease and uncontrolled gout.  Previously presented at the American Society of Nephrology 2020 meeting, the data suggests that KRYSTEXXA is well-tolerated as an effective management option for dialysis patients. 

Dr. Anthony Bleyer is a nephrologist with Wake Forest Baptist Health specializing in kidney diseases associated with gout, in addition to the epidemiology of end-stage kidney disease. As a professor at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, he’s studied gout and kidney disease for over 30 years, identifying several genetic causes of this condition, including mutations in the UMOD gene as a cause of kidney disease and early-onset gout.

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