New Findings Reveal Lack of Protocol on How to Treat Hospitalized Gout Patients

Dr. Ada Kumar, Medical Director in Medical Affairs at Horizon Therapeutics discusses recent findings from “Rheumatology” (July 10, 2021) which showed an “urgent need” for high-quality, prospective studies of patients hospitalized for gout flares. She talks about how clinicians can use the time a patient is hospitalized – when they are more receptive – to educate them on gout and how to treat it, why it’s critical for a rheumatologist to be consulted in the hospital setting, and how Horizon is supporting the gout community through its ongoing and prospective studies. 

Ada Kumar is a Medical Director in Medical Affairs at Horizon Therapeutics. Dr. Kumar is a Board Certified Radiologist who, prior to joining Horizon, practiced radiology for almost 15 years in both academic and private practice settings. She completed her undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences at Northwestern University through the Honors Program in Medical Education where she also completed medical school. After her radiology residency training at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School where she served as chief resident, Dr. Kumar completed a Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Imaging at the University of Chicago.

As a physician, Dr. Kumar brings her training in radiology to her role as a medical director at Horizon. Here, she operates as both a scientist and educator – helping both fellow physicians and patients around the country understand the intricacies of a disease (in this case, gout). She is excited to bring her expertise in radiology to Horizon Therapeutics, investigating innovative ways imaging can create impactful changes for diagnosing and monitoring treatments for a variety of diseases including chronic gout.

Dr. Kumar also serves as an active board member on Harvard Medical School’s MEDScience Advisory Board chairing the Midwest Region and Northwestern University Medical School Alumni Board/Northwestern University Leadership Circle Regional Board. As a board member, she brings her passion for equity in higher education.

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