Lake Nona Health Innovation and Wellness Community

Gloria Caulfield, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Tavistock and Executive Director of the Lake Nona Institute discusses the Lake Nona community which is a hub for life sciences innovation with companies, academic programs, and research organizations, including the UCF Lake Nona, Nemours Children’s and Orlando VA hospitals, as well as the leAD Lake Nona Sports and Health Tech Accelerator and is also designed for optimizing health, human potential, and overall well being, inspiring healthy living while embracing technology and emphasizing sustainability.

Gloria is the Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Tavistock and serves as the Executive Director of the Lake Nona Institute. As a passionate advocate for mental wellbeing and the environment, Gloria thrives in cultivating relationships and business development efforts that support the long-term mission of advancing community health, and specializes in healthcare and life sciences for the novel community of Lake Nona, which is focused on optimizing health, human potential, and overall wellbeing in the built environment.

Gloria leads health and wellness strategy and planning for the Lake Nona Institute, and is passionate about identifying partners who are skillful at collaboration and have the desire to innovate solutions that have the potential to improve community health and wellness. In 2012, she co-founded the Lake Nona Impact Forum, an intimate gathering that brings together some of the brightest minds in health and wellness innovation. In 2016, Gloria led a diverse group of innovators to create the Wellness Home built on Innovation and Technology (WHIT), a laboratory for healthy living technologies in a residential setting. Together with researchers at Johnson & Johnson, she initiated the Lake Nona Life Project, a longitudinal research project that studies the health and wellness of the residents in the Lake Nona community in the spirit of the Framingham Study.

Gloria’s affiliation with health and wellness predates her joining Lake Nona, as she previously served as Executive Director of Marketing and Community Development for the Florida Hospital, whose 16 hospitals in and around the Metro Orlando region see more than two million patient visits per year.

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