Life Coach: Factors That Create Addicts And Bullies

Tom Gagliano
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Tom Gagliano
Guest Bio: Tom Gagliano is a life coach, published author, and a key note speaker with a Masters in Social Work. His book, The Problem Was Me: How to End Negative Self-Talk and Take Your Life to a New Level, with Dr. Abraham Twerski, explores how we sabotage the happiness in our lives simply because we are so afraid of intimacy. Tom is a graduate of Seton Hall University and has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He then went back to school, at age 51, and graduated from Rutgers with an Masters in Sociual Work, August of 2011. He has added a life coach to his resume in January of 2012.

Segment Overview
Tom Gagliano talks about the factors that contribute to addictions. He also touches on bullying and how to prevent or deal with bullying.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. So glad that you could join us today. I’m your host, Neal Howard.

When we’re talking about relationships – there are many relationships. We have relationships with our spouse, we have relationships with our kids, our co-workers, and relationships with strangers that we meet that could be very fleeting. But in any relationship, we basically have to get a handle on who we are and what we’re about.

Our guest in studio today is Mr. Tom Gagliano. He’s a life coach, published author of The Problem Was Me: How To End Negative Self-Talk And Take Your Life to a New Level. He co-authored the book with Dr. Abraham Twerski, and the book explores how we sabotage the happiness in our lives simply because we’re so afraid of intimacy.

How are you doing today, Tom?

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