LifeStory Health and Female Prevalent Disease Detection [transcript] [audio]


Guest: Anna Villareal

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Leveraging her legal background and talent as a natural entrepreneur, Anna brings an unparalleled vision and energy to LifeStory Health. Anna has combined her experiences and challenges in business with her passion for women’s health care to create the fundamental building blocks of LifeStory Health. Her vision is compelling, and she has identified a unique niche in the market for consumer-based diagnostics, focused on monitoring the state of women’s health. By sampling menstrual blood as a means of collecting biologically relevant proteins to test for internal health in a non-invasive manner, she is developing a method and business model that promises to influence women’s health care. Under Anna’s leadership and vision LifeStory Health has the potential to materialize into a successful operating public company that would be both profitable for shareholders and positive for women’s public health.

Segment overview: In this Health Supplier Segment, by Anna Villarreal, founder of LifeStory Health, discusses her company’s work to develop the first ever, non-invasive, menstrual blood diagnostic that will enable the testing and analysis of women’s health and female prevalent diseases at the molecular level to detect a wide-range of diseases.  

Transcript – TBU

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