Live Lighter, Save Yourself From A Sugary Easter

Maria Szybiak
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Maria Szybiak
Guest Bio: Maria Szybiak is the LiveLighter Campaign Director.

Segment Overview
Maria is here to talk about finding some balance over the Easter break and how to enjoy the long weekend without being over indulgent.


Health Professional Radio

Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine and our guest is Live Lighter Campaign Director Maria Szybiak, here to talk to us about finding some balance over the Easter break and how to enjoy the long weekend without being too over indulging. Welcome to our show Maria.

Maria Szybiak: Thank you very much for having me.

K: Now Maria it’s gonna be so tough with all that temptation around us. What are some of the things that we can be doing while we’re gorging on chocolate this long weekend?

M: One of the things we can definitely be doing is making sure that we still have a few parts of veg every single day whether or not we decide to indulge in chocolate.

K: Alright, so this probably requires some free planning and no doubt there’s a lot of family get togethers. No matter what religion you are, people will have this next 4 days off so that usually includes a lot of eating. So I guess it comes down to some pre-planning with that ‘2 fruits and 5 veg.’ For example what recipes and things were you thinking?

M: There’s a whole range of recipes out there and we’ve work as a whole range for breakfast, lunch and dinner to have a look at and some of the favorites for even the liver steak sandwich is something that can be really is done on the barbecues during the beautiful weather that we have here or you can have a chicken pizza. That’s something you can have that’s really, really quite easier for the Easter break.

K: Sounds lovely. And yeah there all the recipe are on the Live Lighter website. But for those of us that don’t normally eat chocolate or even for little kids who their parents don’t feed them a lot of chocolate during Easter Week but for this it’s hard to when they go to the shop, it’s absolutely everywhere all this chocolates bunnies and all the Easter eggs.

M: Absolutely.

K: People will probably over indulge and I think kids love for Easter hunting, things like that for people that do over indulge what can they do to help balance out that over indulgence?

M: So we’re very lucky here in Perth. So we’ve got beautiful weather and we encourage everyone to get their bottoms up and moving during this holiday season. So we’re talking about even going for a walk, a sunset walk on the beach or backyard cricket or a bike ride whatever it takes that people fancy, they get the family together and have a lot of fun. So you’re actually burning of any extra kilojoules that you are eating during the day.

K: Yes, sounds like some sound advice there. Well thank you so much for your time today Maria. For those of you that would love access to those recipes, you can go on the Live Lighter website and have a good long weekend to everyone. Thanks again Maria.

M: Thank you very much.

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