Liver inflammation and damage

Terri Milton discusses the excessive amounts of fat build-up in the liver causing liver inflammation and damage.

Terri Milton from Houston, Texas, has been an educator for adults for over 25 years and is living with cirrhosis due to NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). Twenty years ago, Terri was told she had fatty liver but was told by her doctor that it “wasn’t a big deal.” In 2017, after non-related gallbladder surgery, her surgeon noticed that her liver was cirrhotic, and a biopsy revealed she had stage 4, cirrhosis.

Following Terri’s diagnosis, she has emphasized the importance of self-education, as well as the importance of working with her healthcare team to help manage her disease.

Terri is of Hispanic descent which makes her more susceptible to NASH. She is passionate about educating people about NASH and its risk factors to facilitate earlier diagnoses. She also enjoys helping others through mentorship and is an administrator for an online liver disease support group to connect with others impacted by this disease.

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