Living with ALS [transcript][audio]

Segment Overview: Chuck Schretzman, former Army Veteran and West Point football player, and his wife Stacy talk about living with ALS/ Lou Gehrigs disease and advocating for greater ALS awareness and further medical research.

Guest: Chuck and Stacy Schretzman

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Chuck Schretzman, a 26-year Army veteran and former West Point football player, was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 49 — just months after taking a civilian job following two decades in the army and four combat deployments. His wife Stacy says the disease takes something away from him every day – but she strives to keep him going forward and together they advocate for greater ALS awareness and further medical research. They are featured in a new documentary series “Behind ALS” that is sponsored by Cytokinetics and chronicles the impact this grave disease has on people’s lives while raising awareness.

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