Love And Forgiveness Meditation

Mark Landau
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Mark Landau
Guest Bio: Mark Landau has been helping thousands of people worldwide with healing and wholeness for many decades. He was right hand man to the Beatles’ guru of Transcendental Meditation fame and taught and facilitated many other meditations and healing techniques. He currently offers his new meditation and teleconference healing circles and individual sessions. His most recent books are ‘The Love and Forgiveness Meditation’ and ‘I Love You and Forgive You: A True Self-Healing Tool and the Life Around It.’ His new singer/songwriter music CD is called “How You Were.” His website is

Segment Overview
Mark Landau talks about “Love and Forgiveness Meditation”.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello, and thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio today. I’m your host, Neal Howard. We’re in studio with Mr Mark Landau. Mark is a teacher in meditation, specifically love and forgiveness meditation. He once worked with the Maharishi, who, as many of us may recognise the name as the Beatles’ guru, well, Mark was the right-hand man to the Beatles’ guru. He studied and worked with many, many teachers and famous people, teaching various healing modalities.

But it was in 2012 that something came to him, and he felt he could really help people by writing a couple of books, one of which being The Love and Forgiveness Meditation and also I Love You and Forgive You. How are you doing today, Mark?

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