LUCID – Sports Psychology [transcript][audio]





Guest: Graham Betchart

Guest Bio: Graham Betchart, who has a master’s degree in sports psychology, is a mental skills coach who works with some of the top players in the NBA today.

Graham believes that mental skills training is just as important as physical training. And similar to physical training, there’s no quick fix in mental skills training, it’s an ongoing process. Graham also believes there’s no age that’s too young to begin meditation – especially in a time when young athletes and students are facing more pressure than ever to succeed. Graham is the Director of Lucid, a new organization that focuses on mental skills training.

Segment overview: Graham Betchart speaks on why children should consider meditation as part of their everyday routine, as well as how parents can help them get started.  He also launched a meditation app called “Lucid” which offers daily five-minute audio clips that preach meditation, visualization and positive affirmations.

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