Lung Cancer Awareness – Diagnosis of a 21 Year Old Non-Smoker [transcript] [audio]

 Segment Overview: In line with Lung Cancer Awareness 2017, Taylor Bell Duck talks about her lung cancer journey and her work partnering with  ‘Your Cancer Game Plan’ in collaboration with Merck, CancerCare and leading patient advocacy organizations.

Guest: Taylor Bell Duck   

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Taylor Bell Duck, a non-smoker was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was 21 years old. In 2005, Taylor arrived at college expecting to play for the Division 1 team, but her health started to become an issue.  She experienced painful numbness in her feet and recurring pneumonia that forced her to quit the sport she loved. During her junior year, a sharp stomach pain resulted in a trip to the ER where she learned that her left lung was completely collapsed and had a large mass. After undergoing surgery to remove part of her lung, Taylor has shown no evidence of disease for the past nine years.  Now cancer-free, Taylor brings inspiration and hope to others through her work with advocacy organizations and most recently Your Cancer Game Plan.

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