M2Gen – Precision Oncology Medicine

Dr. William (Bill) Dalton, founder and executive chair of the board at M2Gen, a health informatics solutions company discusses the partnership with the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN), a national network of leading cancer centers that exchange research and clinical data that is advancing the care of patients and accelerating the discovery and development of medicines to treat them. He also discusses Total Cancer Care®, the world’s largest prospective research study in cancer where patients donate clinical data and tissue to help researchers.

Dr. William (Bill) S. Dalton, PhD, MD is founder and executive chair of the board of M2Gen. He is the former CEO of M2Gen (2012-2017) and past president, CEO, and center director of Moffitt Cancer Center, an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center (2002-2012). During his tenure as CEO of Moffitt, he led the development of the Total Cancer Care program and the creation of the Health Research Informatics platform, designed to follow patients throughout their lifetime. He holds several patents in the areas of precision medicine and computer networking. In 2014, Moffitt Cancer Center, in partnership with the James Cancer Center at Ohio State University, founded the cancer center alliance called ORIEN, the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network, with the goal of accelerating cancer research discovery by sharing information and delivering hope through collaborative learning and partnerships. 

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