MacKillop Family Services: Love Makes A Family [transcript][audio]

Segment Overview:  In this segment, Jasmine Perry of MacKillop Family Services is on the show to discuss about the many services her organization with a primary focus on foster care. The non-profit organization uses cost-effective ways of promoting their services such as Google and social media especially their Facebook page.

Guest: Jasmine Perry

 Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: Jasmine Perry is the Carer Recruitment and Development Manager of MacKillop Family Services. She has been working with vulnerable young people for 15 years in Australia and internationally. For the past four years, Jasmine has been working with MacKillop Family Services, focusing on the out of home care systems in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, supporting case managers, foster carers and young people through multiple reforms. As the Manager of Carer Recruitment and Development, Jasmine has centralised the recruitment strategy of foster carers, increasing the number of foster carers to support children and young people in care. She has developed and implemented an organisational wide strategy to support, train, assess, develop and retain over 800 foster carers across New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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