Matternet: Building the Future of the Healthcare Drone Delivery Network

Andreas Raptopoulos, founder and CEO of Matternet, the first drone-centric healthcare delivery organization to secure Type Certification and a Production Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration, discusses how he and his team are utilizing safety-focused and environmentally-sensitive best practices to actively transform deliveries conducted between hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations. He talks about his long-term vision of making drone delivery an integral part of the healthcare system that will help people in a cost-effective way, reduce waste and have a positive impact on our environment. To learn more, visit Matternet’s website:

Andreas Raptopoulos is the founder and CEO of Matternet. Since its founding in 2011, Matternet has become a pioneer in the drone delivery industry with a unique technology platform that is poised to bring tremendous benefit to healthcare organizations worldwide. Andreas holds a Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics and is a Royal College of Art graduate in Design. He holds several US and international patents, was a speaker at TED Global (2013), a participant of the World Economic Forum in Davos (2016 & 2017) and is a member of World Economic Forum’s Global Drones and Aerial Mobility Council.

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